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New Zealand

1h 50m Comedy, Drama 2023
Bad Behaviour
1h 47m Comedy, Drama 2023
Loop Track
1h 36m Black Comedy, Thriller 2023
Red, White & Brass
1h 25m Comedy, Family 2023
The Tank
1h 40m Horror, Thriller 2023
Darkest Light
1h 21m Crime, Fantasy 2023
Shut Eye
1h 31m Drama 2022
We Are Still Here
1h 30m Drama 2023
1h 38m Drama, LGBT+, Sport 2022
1h 52m Biography, Drama 2022
1h 44m Action, Drama 2022
Millie Lies Low
1h 40m Comedy, Drama 2021
Nude Tuesday
1h 40m Comedy, Romance 2022
1h 34m Drama 2021
The Justice of Bunny King
1h 41m Drama 2021
Coming Home in the Dark
1h 33m Thriller 2021
1h 38m Drama, Romance 2021
Shadow in the Cloud
1h 23m Action, Horror 2020
1h 38m Drama 2021
1h 40m Crime, Drama 2020
Lowdown Dirty Criminals
1h 27m Comedy 2020
1h 30m Horror, Comedy 2020
Baby Done
1h 31m Comedy 2020
This Town
1h 31m Comedy 2020
The Legend of Baron To'a
1h 45m Action, Comedy 2020
1h 36m Comedy, Drama 2019
Births, Deaths & Marriages
1h 16m Comedy 2019
1h 33m Musical, Drama 2019
Come to Daddy
1h 34m Horror, Comedy 2019
1h 30m Drama, NZ Title 2019
Hang Time
1h 23m Comedy, Drama 2019
The Breaker Upperers
1h 18m Comedy 2018
1h 43m Drama 2018
1h 37m Drama, Crime 2018
Hibiscus & Ruthless
1h 37m Comedy 2018
1h 32m Drama 2018
Mega Time Squad
1h 19m Comedy, Science Fiction 2018
Alien Addiction
1h 37m Sci-Fi, Comedy 2018
1h 26m Drama, NZ Title 2017
Pork Pie
1h 45m Action, Comedy, Crime 2017
The Changeover
1h 32m Fantasy, Horror, Thriller 2017
One Thousand Ropes
1h 38m Drama 2017
The Catch
1h 25m Comedy, Drama 2017
Kiwi Christmas
1h 29m Adventure, Family 2017
Hunt for the Wilderpeople
1h 37m Adventure, Comedy 2016
6 Days
1h 33m Action, Drama, History 2016
This Giant Papier-Mâché Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy
1h 39m Science Fiction, Comedy, Adventure 2016
Three Wise Cousins
1h 29m Comedy, Romance 2016
The Rehearsal
1h 42m Drama 2016
Born To Dance
1h 36m Dance, Comedy, Drama 2015
1h 26m Comedy, Horror 2015
The Dark Horse
2h 4m Drama, Biography 2014
The Dead Lands
1h 48m Action, Adventure 2014
1h 47m Comedy, Horror 2014
What We Do in the Shadows
1h 26m Comedy 2014
The Pā Boys
1h 33m Drama, Music 2014
White Lies
1h 39m Drama 2013
The Weight of Elephants
1h 27m Drama 2013
Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song
1h 47m Musical 2013
1h 38m Drama 2013
Shackleton's Captain
1h 25m Drama, Adventure 2012
Sione's 2: Unfinished Business
1h 32m Comedy 2012
The Orator
1h 50m Drama 2011
My Wedding and Other Secrets
1h 28m Comedy 2011
1h 30m Comedy, Drama 2010
Home By Christmas
1h 35m Drama, Documentary 2010
1h 32m Drama 2010
The Vintner's Luck
2h 0m Drama, Fantasy, Romance 2009
Dean Spanley
1h 40m Comedy, Drama 2008
Second Hand Wedding
1h 34m Comedy 2008
A Song of Good
1h 24m Crime, Drama, Mystery 2008
Eagle vs Shark
1h 23m Comedy, Romance 2007
Black Sheep
1h 27m Horror, Comedy 2007
We're Here to Help
1h 25m Drama 2007
Sione's Wedding
1h 37m Comedy, Drama, Romance 2006
No. 2
1h 34m Comedy, Drama 2006
The World's Fastest Indian
2h 6m Drama, Biography, Sport 2005
In My Father's Den
2h 7m Drama, Mystery 2004
Whale Rider
1h 41m Drama, Family 2003
1h 27m Drama, Cult, Fantasy 2003
Perfect Strangers
1h 38m Thriller 2003
Orphans and Angels
1h 40m Drama, Crime 2002
The Price of Milk
1h 27m Comedy, Drama, Fantasy 2001
1h 34m Comedy, Drama 2001
The Irrefutable Truth About Demons
1h 30m Horror, Thriller, Fantasy 2001
I'll Make You Happy
1h 32m Comedy 1999
Topless Women Talk About Their Lives
1h 30m Comedy, Drama 1997
Once Were Warriors
1h 42m Crime, Drama 1994
The Piano
1h 56m Drama, Romance 1993
1h 55m Drama 1993
Desperate Remedies
1h 32m Drama, Comedy 1993
Te Rua
1h 37m Drama 1991
An Angel At My Table
2h 34m Drama, Biography 1990
Ruby and Rata
1h 50m Drama 1990
Flying Fox in a Freedom Tree
1h 32m Drama 1989
Never Say Die
1h 30m Action, Adventure 1988
1h 27m Drama 1987
1h 30m Drama 1988
The Navigator - A Medieval Odyssey
1h 30m Fantasy, Adventure, Drama 1988
Illustrious Energy
1h 40m Drama 1988
Footrot Flats: The Dog's Tale
1h 11m Comedy, Animation 1986
The Quiet Earth
1h 31m Science Fiction, Drama, Mystery 1985
Came a Hot Friday
1h 45m Comedy 1985
1h 29m Drama 1985
Leave All Fair
1h 30m Drama, Biography 1985
Shaker Run
1h 31m Action, Adventure 1985
The Silent One
1h 35m Adventure, Fantasy 1985
1h 30m Drama 1984
Among the Cinders
1h 37m Drama 1984
Death Warmed Up
1h 25m Horror 1983
Utu Redux
1h 47m Action, Adventure, History 1983
Smash Palace
1h 48m Drama, Thriller 1982
1h 32m Science Fiction, Action 1982
Carry Me Back
1h 29m Comedy 1981
1h 28m Drama 1981
Goodbye Pork Pie
1h 30m Action, Adventure, Comedy 1981
Middle Age Spread
1h 34m Comedy 1979
Sons for the Return Home
1h 57m Drama 1979
Angel Mine
1h 8m Drama 1979
Sleeping Dogs
1h 47m Action, Drama, Thriller 1977

New Zealand Docs

Red Mole: A Romance
1h 28m Documentary, Arts, Aro Exclusive 2023
The Lie
1h 32m Documentary, Crime 2023
King Loser
1h 30m Music, Documentary, AroVision Exclusive 2023
1h 42m Documentary, Sport 2023
Building Bridges: Bill Youren's Vision of Peace
1h 22m Documentary 2023
Before Everest
1h 27m Documentary, History 2020
46m Documentary 2023
A Boy Called Piano
57m Documentary 2021
Mister Organ
1h 36m Documentary 2022
Dame Valerie Adams: More Than Gold
1h 30m Documentary, Sport 2022
When the Cows Come Home
1h 44m Documentary 2022
1h 29m Documentary 2022
Fiona Clark: Unafraid
1h 23m Documentary, LGBT+ 2021
Whetū Mārama – Bright Star
1h 30m Documentary 2021
Juliet Gerrard: Science in Dark Times
1h 21m Documentary, Science 2021
Frocks & Divas
1h 15m Documentary 2022
James & Isey
1h 30m Documentary 2021
Tupaia's Endeavour
1h 59m Documentary, History 2020
Return to Gandhi Road
1h 30m Documentary 2020
SIX60: Till the Lights Go Out
1h 32m Documentary, Music 2020
1h 8m Documentary 2020
Whispers of Gold
46m Documentary 2020
Helen Kelly – Together
1h 32m Documentary 2019
Capital in the Twenty-First Century
1h 50m Documentary 2019
Dan Carter: A Perfect 10
1h 30m Documentary, Sport 2019
Soldiers Without Guns
1h 32m Documentary, War 2019
For My Father's Kingdom
1h 37m Documentary 2019
Hillary: Ocean to Sky
1h 46m Documentary 2019
The Chills: The Triumph and Tragedy of Martin Phillipps
1h 35m Documentary, Music 2019
Herbs Songs of Freedom
1h 31m Documentary 2019
Camino Skies
1h 21m Documentary 2019
The Heart Dances
1h 38m Documentary 2019
Peter Peryer: The Art of Seeing
1h 21m Documentary 2019
They Shall Not Grow Old
1h 39m Drama 2018
1h 40m Documentary 2018
She Shears
1h 19m Documentary 2018
Paul Callaghan: Dancing with Atoms
1h 42m Documentary, Science 2018
Swagger of Thieves
1h 44m Documentary, Music 2017
1h 35m Documentary, Sport 2017
My Year With Helen
1h 33m Documentary 2017
Pecking Order
1h 28m Documentary, NZ Title 2017
1h 23m Documentary 2017
No Ordinary Sheila
1h 38m Documentary 2017
Caveman Calling
56m Documentary 2017
1h 43m Documentary 2017
Poi E: The Story of Our Song
1h 36m Music, Documentary 2016
1h 32m Documentary 2016
Le Ride
1h 30m Documentary, Sport 2016
The HeART of the Matter
1h 29m Documentary 2016
Chasing Great: Richie McCaw
1h 45m Documentary, Sport 2016
The Ground We Won
1h 31m Documentary, Sport 2015
Crossing Rachmaninoff
1h 19m Documentary, Music 2015
25 April
1h 25m Animation, Documentary, War 2015
Beyond the Edge
1h 31m Drama 2013
He Toki Huna: New Zealand in Afghanistan
1h 18m Documentary 2013
Sheen of Gold
1h 21m Music, Documentary 2013
How Far is Heaven
1h 39m Documentary 2012
Love Story
1h 32m Documentary, Romance 2011
Brother Number One
1h 39m Documentary 2011
Home By Christmas
1h 35m Drama, Documentary 2010
Land of the Long White Cloud
1h 15m Documentary 2009
An Island Calling
1h 16m Documentary, Crime 2009
The Man in the Hat
1h 13m Documentary 2009
Rain of the Children
1h 42m Documentary, Drama, History 2008
Rubbings From A Live Man
1h 15m Documentary 2008
Elgar's Enigma
53m Documentary, War, Music 2006
Kaikohe Demolition
52m Documentary 2004
Sheilas: 28 Years On
1h 11m Documentary 2004
Georgie Girl
1h 10m Documentary, LGBT 2002
War Stories
1h 35m Documentary 1995
Seeing Red
49m Documentary 1995

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