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Red Mole: A Romance

1h 28m Documentary, Arts, Aro Exclusive 2023

Annie Goldson’s new documentary feature explores the origins, performances, personalities and fate of Red Mole, an experimental theatre troupe from Aotearoa New Zealand.

An indefinable genre of poetry, dance, mask, fire-eating and rock music, the troupe took young NZ by storm though shocked many in the older generation in the then socially conservative country. Red Mole departed for New York City in the 1980s where they reached some acclaim until the demands of the city fragmented its core. Red Mole: A Romance is a social history and a poignant personal story.

AroView: Elevated by the craft of film-maker and arts laureate Annie Goldson, this long-overdue story of alternative Kiwi theatre troupe Red Mole will resonate with bohemians and creatives of any generation. And in keeping with the Red Mole manifesto, it’s a film that too “keeps the Romance alive”.

“Ribald, entertaining and deeply emotional.” ~Chris Bourke, NZIFF

“Like Flight of the Conchords, but earlier and darker.” ~Annie Goldson (Director)


Annie Goldson




Aotearoa New Zealand


Occasional Productions

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