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The Irrefutable Truth About Demons

1h 30m Horror, Thriller, Fantasy 2001

Directed and Written by:
Glenn Standring

Glenn Standring’s debut feature is a solid start to a horror career. Starring Karl Urban, it’s the tale of an ordinary guy having an extraordinarily bad day.

Dr. Henry Ballard spends his days researching cults, and despite warnings, Harry keeps investigating the devil-worshiping Black Lodge. Until he’s drugged and kidnapped.

The cops don’t believe his story and he goes home to discover his girlfriend crucified on the wall, his own confession scrawled below in her blood. Desperate, Harry turns to his stoned assistant, but before he can help, he’s butchered too.

Harry learns that the Black Lodge’s high priest, LeValliant, wants his soul to feed to demons that scuttle and gnash like cockroaches. With only Benny, a reformed member of the cult, to help him, Harry goes into battle for his soul.

Atmospheric and not as bloody as you might think, this is a fine example of how a filmmaker can create atmosphere with simple visuals. Wellington’s night time streets have never looked so menacing…


Glenn Standring


Dave Gibson

Director of Photography

Simon Baumfield


Paul Sutorius

Production Designer

Clive Memmott

Costume Designer





New Zealand


First Sun Limited

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