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The Orator

1h 50m Drama 2011

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AroView: In this superlative Polynesian drama – the first Samoan language feature film – tradition and modernity collide on the island of Upolu, where a dwarf Taro farmer struggles to defend his unconventional existence with his banished wife and step-daughter.

Beautifully filmed by Leon Narbey, this is a village fable told at ‘island’ pace, but is especially gratifying as a drama that weaves specific Samoan customs and honour traditions to convey the impact that the reverence for the ancestral dead has on the living. Holding a special place for New Zealanders in our better understanding of our Samoan neighbours, this is an important and thoroughly rewarding film.

“Tamasese finds eloquent voice with The Orator, a beautifully nuanced debut.” ~The Hollywood Reporter

“A powerful and impressive achievement.” ~Peter Calder, NZ Herald


Tusi Tamasese


Tusi Tamasese


Tim Prebble


Leon Narbey


Simon Price

Production Designer

Robert Astley






New Zealand, Samoa


Blueskin Films

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