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How Far is Heaven

1h 39m Documentary 2012

Following the path of the seasons across a year, this documentary follows the journey of Sister Margaret Mary and her fellow sisters in the remote village of Jerusalem/Hiruharama on the Whanganui River.

“Directors Christopher Pryor and Miriam Smith deftly compare the lives of the Sisters of Compassion (only three resident at the time of shooting, down to two now) who have been living among the Tangata Whenua since the order was founded by Suzanne Aubert in 1892, and the spirited youth that they teach and counsel.

Two deeply held belief systems co-exist in Jerusalem, and the beautifully photographed film presents us with multiple dichotomies — Maori and Pakeha, young and old, urban and rural — without taking any sides itself. Destined to be one of the greats.” ~Dan Slevin for AroVideo

“This cinematic treat provides a rare glimpse into a world where different spiritualities coexist with the kind of mutual respect that would make Baxter proud.” ~NORTH & SOUTH




New Zealand


Deer Heart Films

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