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Back to Black
2h 2m Drama, Music, Biography 2024
1h 40m Biography, Drama, War 2023
The Great Escaper
1h 36m Drama 2023
We Grown Now
1h 33m Drama, Independent 2023
2h 21m Drama, Docu-drama, History 2023
The Zone of Interest
1h 45m Drama, History, War 2024
May December
1h 57m Drama 2023
Bob Marley: One Love
1h 47m Drama, Biography, Music 2024
The Iron Claw
2h 12m Drama, Biography, Sport 2023
1h 53m Biography, Drama 2023
The Caine Mutiny Court Martial
1h 48m Drama, War 2023
2h 22m Drama 2024
One Life
1h 50m Drama, Biography, History 2023
1h 59m Drama, Biography, Art 2023
2h 10m Drama, Sport, Biography 2023
The Old Oak
1h 52m Drama 2023
Past Lives
1h 46m Drama, Romance 2023
1h 36m Drama, Thriller, Indie 2022
Palm Trees and Power Lines
1h 50m Drama, Independent 2022
1h 22m Docu-drama, Independent 2023
My Sailor, My Love
1h 42m Drama 2023
Peace by Chocolate
1h 37m Comedy, Drama 2021
1h 38m Drama, Biography 2022
It Is In Us All
1h 32m Drama 2022
A Good Person
2h 8m Drama 2021
1h 39m Drama 2023
1h 42m Drama 2022
The Son
2h 3m Drama 2023
To Leslie
1h 59m Drama 2022
1h 36m Drama 2022
The Whale
1h 57m Drama 2022
2h 10m Drama 2022
3h 9m Drama 2022
1h 51m Drama 2021
The Humans
1h 48m Drama 2021
The Quiet Girl
1h 35m Drama 2022
After Love
1h 29m Drama 2020
Prizefighter: The Life of Jem Belcher
1h 47m Drama, Sport, Biography 2022
1h 34m Drama, Drama, Comedy 2022
Stars at Noon
2h 17m Drama, Romance, Thriller 2021
2h 11m Drama, LGBT+ 2021
Rose Plays Julie
1h 41m Drama, Mystery 2019
The Forgiven
1h 57m Drama, Suspense 2021
True Things
1h 42m Drama 2021
The Survivor
2h 9m Biography, Drama, Sport 2021
The Electrical Life of Louis Wain
1h 51m Drama, Biography 2021
1h 22m Drama 2022
1h 55m Drama, Romance 2021
2h 17m Drama, Biography, LGBT+ 2021
Mothering Sunday
1h 50m Drama, Romance 2022
To Olivia
1h 34m Drama 2022
2h 16m Drama 2022
1h 56m Drama 2021
Nobody Has to Know
1h 39m Drama 2021
Nowhere Special
1h 36m Drama 2020
It Snows in Benidorm
1h 58m Drama, Romance 2020
C'mon C'mon
1h 50m Drama 2022
Bergman Island
1h 53m Drama 2021
1h 43m Drama, Comedy 2020
King Richard
2h 24m Drama, Sport 2022
1h 34m Drama, Sport 2021
Red Rocket
2h 9m Comedy, Drama 2021
The Fallout
1h 36m Drama 2020
Cry Macho
1h 43m Drama, Western 2019
Boiling Point
1h 34m Drama 2021
Fanny Lye Deliver'd
1h 52m Drama, Thriller, History 2019
1h 37m Drama 2021
The Father
1h 36m Drama 2021
The Nest
1h 47m Drama 2020
Black Bear
1h 44m Drama, Independent 2020
1h 57m Drama, LGBT+ 2020
1h 52m Drama 2020
1h 55m Drama 2020
Percy vs. Goliath
1h 39m Drama 2020
Penguin Bloom
1h 35m Drama, Family 2021
Sound Of Metal
2h 0m Drama, Music 2020
2h 0m Biography, Drama, History 2020
The Glorias
2h 19m Drama, History, Biography 2020
1h 50m Biography, Drama, Romance 2020
The Last Vermeer
1h 57m Drama 2020
1h 38m Drama 2019
1h 26m Drama 2019
My Zoe
1h 40m Drama, Drama 2019
Sorry We Missed You
1h 41m Drama 2019
The Keeper
1h 33m Biography, Drama, Romance 2019
Sometimes Always Never
1h 27m Comedy, Drama, Mystery 2019
The Farewell
1h 40m Drama 2018
Mrs Lowry & Son
1h 31m Biography, Drama, History 2019
1h 49m Drama, Biography 2019
The Chaperone
1h 48m Drama 2018
The Mercy
1h 52m Adventure, Drama, Sport 2018
Beautiful Boy
1h 52m Drama 2018
Lean on Pete
2h 2m Drama 2017
A Private War
1h 46m Drama 2018
The Seagull
1h 38m Drama 2018
The Wife
1h 40m Drama 2017
1h 24m Romance 2018
Borg vs McEnroe
1h 47m Sport, Drama 2017
Alone in Berlin
1h 43m Drama, History, War 2017
1h 28m Drama 2017
Marjorie Prime
1h 39m Drama, Sci-Fi, Romance 2017
I, Tonya
1h 59m Drama 2017
First Reformed
1h 53m Drama, Thriller 2017
The Zookeeper's Wife
2h 6m Biography, Drama, War 2017
Professor Marston & The Wonder Women
1h 48m Drama, Romance 2017
Miss Sloane
2h 12m Drama, Thriller 2017
I, Daniel Blake
1h 41m Drama 2016
1h 58m Biography, Drama 2016
1h 57m Drama, Thriller 2016
1h 30m Drama 2016
1h 55m Drama 2016
Little Men
1h 25m Drama 2016
1h 40m Drama, Thriller 2016
1h 36m Drama 2015
The Journey
1h 34m Drama 2016
The Carer
1h 29m Comedy, Drama 2016
The Founder
1h 50m Drama, Biography 2016
2h 19m Drama 2016
A Quiet Passion
2h 5m Biography, Drama 2016
A Perfect Day
1h 46m Drama, Comedy 2015
The End of the Tour
1h 46m Drama 2015
The Diary of a Teenage Girl
1h 42m Drama, Independent 2015
2h 5m Drama, Biography, History 2015
1h 58m Drama, Romance, LGBT+ 2015
1h 34m Drama, Thriller 2015
Sunset Song
2h 11m Drama 2015
The Man Who Knew Infinity
1h 48m Biography, Drama 2015
1h 59m Drama 2015
Clouds of Sils Maria
2h 3m Drama 2014
2h 8m Biography, Drama, History 2014
Love & Mercy
2h 1m Biography, Drama, Music 2014
2h 14m Drama, Sport, Biography 2014
12 Years a Slave
2h 14m Biography, Drama, History 2014
1h 40m Biography, Drama, Romance 2014
Still Alice
1h 41m Drama 2014
2h 6m Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi 2013
Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom
2h 21m Drama, Biography, History 2013
1h 33m Drama, Biography 2013
The Great Gatsby
2h 23m Drama, Romance 2013
The Selfish Giant
1h 33m Drama 2013
Still Life
1h 32m Drama 2013
What Richard Did
1h 28m Drama 2012
What Maisie Knew
1h 33m Drama 2012
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
1h 33m Drama, Romance 2012
The Iron Lady
1h 45m Biography, Drama 2011
Take Shelter
2h 1m Thriller, Drama 2011
2h 10m Drama, Thriller 2011
The Ides of March
1h 41m Drama, Thriller 2011
My Week with Marilyn
1h 39m Drama, Biography 2011
Like Crazy
1h 26m Drama, Romance 2011
Late Bloomers
1h 35m Drama 2011
Sarah's Key
1h 51m Drama, War 2010
The Young Victoria
1h 45m Drama, Biography, History 2009
The Time Traveller's Wife
1h 47m Drama, Romance, Fantasy 2009
Mao's Last Dancer
1h 57m Drama, Biography, Dance 2009
Revolutionary Road
1h 59m Drama, Romance 2009
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
1h 34m Drama, War 2008
1h 44m Drama 2008
The Duchess
1h 50m Drama, History, Biography 2008
There Will Be Blood
2h 38m Drama 2007
The Kite Runner
2h 8m Drama 2007
Marie Antoinette
2h 2m Drama, History 2006
The Queen
1h 43m Biography, Drama, History 2006
2h 18m Drama 2006
1h 40m Drama, Mystery 2005
The Notebook
2h 4m Drama, Romance 2004
Vera Drake
2h 5m Drama, Crime 2004
Being Julia
1h 44m Drama, Drama 2004
The Passion of the Christ
2h 7m Drama 2004
The Station Agent
1h 29m Comedy, Drama 2003
Cold Mountain
2h 34m Drama, Romance, War 2003
Dirty Pretty Things
1h 37m Drama, Thriller 2002
2h 3m Biography, Drama, Romance 2002
Blue Car
1h 36m Drama 2002
The Hours
1h 50m Drama, Romance 2002
In the Bedroom
2h 11m Drama, Crime 2001
1h 59m Drama, Romance 2001
Almost Famous
2h 2m Drama, Comedy, Music 2000
2h 3m Drama, Drama 2000
1h 52m Drama, Romance, Thriller 2000
American Beauty
2h 2m Drama 1999
The Cider House Rules
2h 6m Drama, Romance 1999
Mansfield Park
1h 52m Comedy, Drama, Romance 1999
The End Of The Affair (1999)
1h 45m Drama 1999
2h 35m Biography, Drama, History 1997
Good Will Hunting
2h 6m Drama, Romance 1997
The Wings of the Dove
1h 42m Drama, Romance 1997
The Ice Storm
1h 52m Drama 1997
Mrs. Brown
1h 41m Drama, History, Biography 1997
The English Patient
2h 42m Drama, Romance, War 1996
Marvin's Room
1h 38m Drama 1996
Leaving Las Vegas
1h 51m Drama, Romance 1995
The Crossing Guard
1h 51m Drama, Thriller 1995
1h 57m Drama, History, Romance 1995
The Shawshank Redemption
2h 22m Drama, Crime 1994
Glengarry Glen Ross
1h 40m Drama, Crime 1992
Searching For Bobby Fischer
1h 49m Drama 1993
2h 0m Drama 1993
A Few Good Men
2h 18m Drama, Thriller 1992
A River Runs Through It
2h 3m Drama 1992
2h 23m Biography, Comedy, Drama 1992
Regarding Henry
1h 48m Drama 1991
Music Box
2h 4m Crime, Drama, Thriller 1989
The Last Emperor
1h 55m Drama, History 1987
2h 1m Drama 1985
Crimes of the Heart
1h 45m Comedy, Drama 1986
A Zed & Two Noughts
1h 57m Comedy, Drama 1985
Paris, Texas
2h 25m Drama 1984
Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence
2h 3m Drama, War 1983
The Draughtsman's Contract
1h 48m Comedy, Drama, Mystery 1982

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