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Soldiers Without Guns

Documentary, War 1h 32m 2019

AroView: A quite remarkable tale of a team of coalition soldiers who, in 1997, landed into the heat of a 10-year civil war on the Pacific Island of Bougainville, armed only with music, Maori culture and a mandate to create peace.

Delivering both dramatic tension and astute historical context, the high-risk mission, led by Kiwi Brigadier Roger Mortlock and backed by the New Zealand government, provides an inspiring case study of an alternative approach to helping nations entrenched in conflict. Thirteen years in the making, this independent production punches well above its weight as a piece of film-making.

Narrated by Lucy Lawless, and featuring music by Anika Moa, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Tiki Taane, Kora, The Black Seeds, Trinity Roots, Tomorrow People, Kramit and Matiu Te Huki.


Will Watson




New Zealand


TMI Pictures

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