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1h 38m Drama 2021

Aroview: Powerful Kiwi drama from the directors of WARU, following the intertwining lives of three Maori women who are cousins.

While one of them is orphaned without any knowledge of her whānau, a second escapes an arranged marriage to study law and begin the hunt for her missing cousin. A third assumes the role of kaitiaki (guardian) of the land at home, which the women are in danger of losing.

Based on the 1992 novel by Patricia Grace, who is the mother of co-director Briar Grace Smith, this is a deeply personal account of the ongoing impact of colonialism on Maori communities.

“Powered by a mighty heart, the blood coursing through the veins of this story is Aotearoa’s, and regardless of where our bloodlines come from, it’s one we all can connect with.” ~ Newshub.

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