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Middle Age Spread

1h 34m Comedy 1979

Based on the play by Roger Hall, _Middle Age Spread _centres on Colin, the deputy principal of a city high school At home his wife Elizabeth has settled into the role of an increasingly disinterested partner. As the film begins, she’s giving a dinner party to which four friends have been invited. Flashbacks throughout the film reveal the secrets of all the dinner guests, most importantly the slow-growing love affair between Colin and Judy, a teacher at Colin’s school.

_Middle Age Spread _was the feature debut from director John Reid (Carry Me Back), as well as the debut of cinematographer Alun Bollinger (Goodbye Pork Pie), writer Keith Aberdein (Utu) and editor Mike Horton (Once Were Warriors). Based on the 1977 play by Roger Hall.


John Reid


John Barnett

Director of Photography

Alun Bollinger


Mike Horton

Production Designer

Gaylene Preston

Assistant Director

Geoff Murphy




New Zealand

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