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Loop Track

1h 36m Black Comedy, Thriller 2023

AroView: A sly and inventive psychological thriller from cult comedian Tom Sainsbury, whose multiple talents shine through as writer, director and actor in his first feature film.

He plays a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown who ventures into the wild looking for alone time, only to find fate has other plans in store. Entirely relatable as a social anxiety comedy set in the familiar surrounds of the splendid New Zealand bush, his film delights in hiking up a garden path to another place entirely. It’s no-budget film-making that gives you your money’s worth, and you can’t ask for more than that.

“Ultimately, Loop Track is another strong addition to New Zealand’s film-making canon.” ~Darren Bevan, At Darren’s World of Entertainment

“One of 2023’s hidden gems… Leaving viewers teetering on the edge of uncertainty until the final, mind-blowing revelation.” ~Emma Vine, Loud & Clear


Thomas Sainsbury




New Zealand



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