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Desperate Remedies

1h 32m Drama, Comedy 1993

AroView: An audacious, decadent soap-opera which proudly flaunts its contempt for traditional local film-making with drugs, kinky sex, prostitution, jealously, bribery etc, all rearing their dubious heads from under a shroud of luxuriant costumes and set design. It’s an early Queer-minded Kiwi feature inspired by Hollywood melodramas of the 1930s and 40s, not to mention the cinema of Peter Greenaway.

Synopsis: Dorothea wants to save her sister Rose by marrying her to Lawrence. But Rose wants someone else. And Lawrence wants Dorothea. Set in a highly-stylised nineteeth century New Zealand, Desperate Remedies is a film about a woman in control of everything - except her own heart.


Peter Wells


Stewart Main




New Zealand

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