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King Loser

1h 30m Music, Documentary, AroVision Exclusive 2023

AroVision is proud to partner with the film-makers to present this unflinching yet affectionate portrait of notorious New Zealand rock band ‘King Loser’.

Led by the combustible pairing of Chris Heazlewood and the late Celia Mancini, the band enjoyed cult success in the 1990s and released three albums on the Flying Nun label.

Co-director Andrew Moore’s ever-present camera captures a time-ravaged, reformed band on a national comeback tour of 2016, where glimmers of their former magic emerge in the face of major dysfunction. It may be sometimes hard to watch but is also refreshingly honest and frequently poignant — a film that tells it like it really was for King Loser, and how it sometimes can be for anyone in the world of rock ‘n’ roll.

“Between the shows was tough. No money, bad food and cramped conditions made for arguments and fighting. I felt bad filming it, but they never said cut, knowing this was just as much the story as the gigs, which were some of the best I’d ever seen.” ~Andrew Moore, Co-Director


Cushla Dillon


Derek Gehring


Andrew Moore




Aotearoa New Zealand

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