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Fallen Leaves
1h 21m Comedy, Drama 2023
Let the River Flow
1h 58m Drama, History 2023
Northern Comfort
1h 37m Comedy 2023
There's Something in the Barn
1h 38m Horror, Comedy 2023
2h 23m Drama 2022
Big vs Small
1h 16m Documentary, Sport 2020
Margrete: Queen of the North
2h 0m Drama, Biography, History 2021
1h 31m Action, Black Comedy 2022
A Taste of Hunger
1h 40m Drama 2022
Ladies of Steel
1h 32m Comedy, Drama 2022
Everybody Hates Johan
1h 33m Comedy 2022
Speak No Evil
1h 37m Horror, Drama 2022
Tuesday Club
1h 42m Comedy, Drama, Romance 2022
Diana's Wedding
1h 30m Comedy, Drama, Romance 2020
1h 33m Documentary, Animals 2021
The Innocents
1h 57m Drama, Thriller, Horror 2021
1h 30m Horror, Drama 2022
The Worst Person in the World
2h 8m Comedy, Drama, Romance 2021
1h 29m Animation, Documentary, LGBT+ 2021
The Burning Sea
1h 42m Thriller 2021
1h 28m Crime, Drama, Thriller 2020
1h 56m Biography, Drama, Sport 2020
About Endlessness
1h 18m Drama, Fantasy 2021
1h 46m Drama, Mystery, Fantasy 2021
The County
1h 30m Comedy, Drama 2020
The Jonsson Gang
2h 2m Comedy, Crime 2020
Riders of Justice
1h 56m Action, Comedy 2020
1h 48m Action, Drama 2020
The Columnist
1h 24m Comedy, Horror, Black Comedy 2020
The Painter and the Thief
1h 47m Documentary, Art 2020
Another Round
1h 56m Comedy, Drama 2020
Dogs Don't Wear Pants
1h 45m Drama, Romance 2019
1h 37m Drama 2019
A White, White Day
1h 49m Drama 2019
Britt-Marie Was Here
1h 37m Comedy, Drama, Sport 2019
Valhalla: Legend of Thor
1h 45m Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller 2019
One Last Deal
1h 35m Drama 2019
Happy Ending
1h 40m Comedy, Drama, Romance 2018
Woman at War
1h 40m Comedy, Drama 2018
Stieg Larsson: The Man who Played with Fire
1h 39m Documentary, Biography 2018
The Guilty
1h 25m Crime, Drama, Thriller 2018
1h 50m Fantasy, Romance 2018
Ailo's Journey
1h 26m Documentary, Family 2018
The Square
2h 25m Comedy, Drama 2017
Borg vs McEnroe
1h 47m Sport, Drama 2017
1h 56m Thriller, Horror, Fantasy 2017
The King's Choice
2h 10m Biography, Drama, History 2016
1h 32m Comedy, Drama 2015
The Idealist
1h 49m Thriller 2015
Land of Mine
1h 41m Drama, History, War 2015
Girls Lost (aka Pojkarna)
1h 46m Drama, LGBT+ 2015
Force Majeure
2h 0m Black Comedy 2014
A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence
1h 36m Comedy, Drama, Fantasy 2014
Of Horses and Men
1h 21m Comedy, Drama, Romance 2013
The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared
1h 54m Comedy 2013
The Keeper of Lost Causes
1h 32m Crime 2013
A Royal Affair
2h 17m Biography, Drama, History 2012
The Hunt
1h 51m Drama 2012
Love is All You Need
1h 51m Comedy, Romance 2012
2h 9m Drama 2011
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
2h 33m Crime, Drama, Mystery 2010
The Girl Who Played with Fire
2h 9m Thriller, Crime 2009
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest
2h 26m Thriller 2009
Troll Hunter
1h 43m Drama, Fantasy, Horror 2010
Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
1h 24m Horror, Comedy, Adventure 2010
1h 30m Comedy 2010
Dead Snow
1h 31m Horror 2009
Dead Snow 2
1h 40m Horror, Comedy 2014
As It Is In Heaven
2h 13m Comedy, Drama, Music 2004
Pusher III: I'm the Angel of Death
1h 48m Crime, Thriller 2005
Pusher II: With Blood on My Hands
1h 40m Crime, Thriller 2004
1h 50m Crime, Thriller 1996
Europa (aka Zentropa)
1h 52m Drama, Thriller 1991
Day of Wrath
1h 37m Drama 1943
1h 15m Horror, Silent 1932
1h 45m Documentary, Horror, Cult 1922
The Phantom Carriage
1h 46m Silent, Fantasy, Horror 1921

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