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Fiona Clark: Unafraid

1h 23m Documentary, LGBT+ 2021

AroView: A remarkable documentary about one of NZ’s most notable photographers, best known for vividly capturing the emerging queer scene in the 1970s, a time when being “unafraid” was a necessity in the repressive climate of the times.

Required viewing for anyone interested in our cultural fringe, it’s a beautiful collision of her flamboyant outsider subjects and Fiona herself, an unassuming observer and artist who has more than a few fascinating stories to tell.

“Although Fiona is best known for documenting Auckland’s nascent queer scene (of which she was an active participant), the film also affords rich reflection on her diverse portfolio, including collaborating with tangata whenua to fight environmental degradation and documenting a burgeoning Kiwi bodybuilding community.

Fiona has been instrumental in ensuring the history of marginalised communities in Aotearoa is documented and preserved, even when society at large preferred them forgotten. Fiona Clark: Unafraid returns the favour, ensuring the photographer’s legacy lives to capture another day.” ~Adrian Hatwell, NZIFF


Lula Cucchiara




New Zealand

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