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1h 44m Documentary, Aro Exclusive 2023

AroVision is proud to partner with the film-makers to present this intimate and eye-opening documentary about the challenges faced by high-profile science communicator Siouxsie Wiles during the first years of the Covid-19 pandemic in New Zealand.

“For much of the confined population, regular media appearances by scientist Siouxsie Wiles were a calming and enlightening presence amid the fear and confusion of Covid-19. While she was cooly urging the populace not to panic, Siouxsie herself was the target of hate and hysteria from certain groups who took issue with her work protecting the population’s health.

“What is the world’s problem with women like me?” the microbiologist wonders in this candid fly-on-the wall documentary covering the pressure-filled two-year period from the first appearance of the virus.

When Siouxsie becomes a target for conspiracy connoisseur Billy TK and his acolytes, the documentary provides an intimate look at a family dealing with a dramatic version of the division being felt throughout the nation.” — Adrian Hatwell (excerpt from NZIFF)

“A bracing, sometimes shocking look at NZ’s Covid response and the splintering of Aotearoa” ~Greg Bruce, Stuff


Gwen Isaac


Alex Reed


Phillida Perry




Aotearoa New Zealand

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