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1h 29m Animation, Documentary, LGBT+ 2021
Swan Song
1h 44m Comedy, Drama, LGBT+ 2021
Parallel Mothers
2h 2m Drama 2021
I Carry You With Me (Te Llevo Conmigo)
1h 51m Drama, Romance, LGBT+ 2020
Shiva Baby
1h 17m Comedy, Drama 2020
1h 52m Drama 2020
1h 35m Drama 2021
1h 47m Drama, Comedy 2020
Steelers: The World’s First Gay Rugby Club
1h 20m Documentary, Sport 2020
Eddie Izzard: Wunderbar - Live
1h 17m Comedy 2020
1h 25m Drama, Romance 2020
Song Lang
1h 41m Drama, LGBT+ 2018
1h 30m Drama 2019
Two of Us
1h 19m Drama, LGBTQI 2019
1h 58m Drama, History 2020
1h 39m Drama, Romance, War 2020
Oliver Sacks: His Own Life
1h 54m Documentary 2020
End of the Century
1h 24m Drama, Romance 2019
Portrait of a Lady on Fire
1h 59m Drama, Romance 2019
2h 1m Musical, Fantasy, Biography 2019
1h 42m Biography, Drama 2019
The Ice King
1h 29m Documentary 2019
1h 45m Drama, LGBTQI 2018
The Happy Prince
1h 45m Drama, History, LGBTQI 2018
Tell It to the Bees
1h 48m Drama, Romance 2018
My Big Gay Italian Wedding
1h 26m Comedy 2018
A Kid Like Jake
1h 29m Drama, LGBT+ 2018
1h 47m Documentary 2018
1h 4m Documentary, LGBTQI 2018
McKellen: Playing the Part
1h 32m Documentary, Biography 2018
Call Me by Your Name
2h 12m Drama, Romance 2017
A Fantastic Woman
1h 44m Drama, LGBT+ 2017
No Dress Code Required
1h 31m Documentary, LGBT+ 2017
Holy Camp!
1h 49m Musical, Comedy, LGBTQ+ 2017
1h 54m Drama, Romance 2017
God's Own Country
1h 44m Drama, Romance 2017
BPM: Beats Per Minute
2h 17m Drama 2017
In Between
1h 43m Drama, LGBTQI 2016
Your Name - Japanese with English subtitles
1h 47m Animation, Drama, Fantasy 2016
1h 51m Drama 2016
1h 25m Drama, Romance, LGBTQI 2016
1h 28m Comedy, Drama, Crime 2015
Girls Lost (aka Pojkarna)
1h 46m Drama, LGBTQI 2015
Gayby Baby
1h 25m Documentary, Family 2015
Love is Strange
1h 34m Drama, Romance, LGBT+ 2014
The Duke of Burgundy
1h 40m Drama, Cult 2014
Behind the Candelabra
1h 58m Drama, Biography, Music 2013
Stranger by the Lake
1h 40m Drama, Thriller, Romance 2013
La Belle Saison (Summertime)
1h 45m Drama, Romance 2015
Eastern Boys
2h 8m Drama, Romance, Thriller 2013
52 Tuesdays
1h 49m Drama, LGBTQI 2013
2h 19m Biography, Drama, Romance 2013
1h 22m Drama, LGBT+ 2011
1h 39m Drama 2011
1h 24m Biography, Drama, Romance 2010
A Single Man
1h 39m Drama, Romance 2009
Laurence Anyways
2h 48m Drama, Romance 2012
1h 21m Drama, Romance 2010
I Killed My Mother
1h 36m Drama, Romance 2009
Saving Face
1h 37m Comedy, Comedy 2004
2h 5m Drama 1993
Desperate Remedies
1h 32m Drama, Comedy 1993
Dog Day Afternoon
2h 10m Drama 1975

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