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Nude Tuesday

1h 40m Comedy, Romance 2022

AroView: A full-frontal body and sex-positive farce performed entirely in a made-up “gibberish” language (and then subtitled later by British comic genius Julia Davis), and featuring astonishing scenes of self-sacrifice, this is hands down the bravest and most innovative film yet made in New Zealand.

Co-writer Jackie van Beek and Damon Herriman are terrific as a 40-something couple who head to a three-day couples’ retreat in an effort to rekindle the spark in their troubled marriage. It’s not long, of course, before she’s falling for the hilariously smarmy charms of Jemaine Clement as the relationship and sexual healing guru Bjorg Rasmussen…

“In the pantheon of invented languages, there have been many of studied, intricate beauty: Elvish, Klingon, Na’vi. Nude Tuesday’s language is not one of them. It is lewd and crude, landing somewhere between a bad ABBA impression and backpackers at Oktoberfest. It’s as though an alien learnt Swedish entirely through Ikea’s most misjudged product names – and it is utterly delightful.” ~The Guardian




New Zealand, Australia


Firefly Films

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