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Kaikohe Demolition

Documentary 52m 2004

This high-energy documentary fully captures the spirit and verve of people living on the poverty line in New Zealand’s far North. The film centres on three middle-aged demolition derby drivers and they are three of the funniest blokes you’ll ever have the privilege of meeting.

AroView: Director Florian Habicht takes a fairly conventional documentary standpoint, but still fixes on the odd points of this engrossing pastime, in which near-derelict cars are reanimated with love and creativity only to be quickly pulverized.

It’s a glimpse into the mirth, mayhem and pathos of provincial New Zealand, with perhaps the most endearing scenes the ones capturing the good-natured banter between the locals unwinding at the hot pools.


Florian Habicht


English, Maori


New Zealand

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