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Force Majeure
2h 0m Black Comedy 2014
Eighth Grade
1h 34m Drama 2018
Swagger of Thieves
1h 44m Documentary, Music 2017
The Leunig Fragments
1h 36m Documentary 2019
Eames: The Architect & The Painter
1h 25m Documentary, Biography 2011
The Death of Stalin
1h 33m Comedy, Drama 2017
Woman at War
1h 40m Comedy, Drama 2018
1h 39m Drama 2019
45 Years
1h 35m Drama 2015
Brigsby Bear
1h 40m Comedy, Drama 2017
In a World...
1h 33m Comedy 2013
1h 30m Animation, Comedy, Drama 2015
1h 25m Thriller 2013
Love is Strange
1h 34m Drama, Romance, LGBT+ 2014
Looking for Eric
1h 56m Comedy, Drama, Fantasy 2009
You're Next
1h 34m Horror, Thriller 2011
The Salt of the Earth
1h 45m Documentary 2014
1h 37m Sci-Fi, Thriller 2009
The Virgin Suicides
1h 37m Drama, Romance 1999
Dirty Pretty Things
1h 37m Drama, Thriller 2002
Blue Car
1h 36m Drama 2002
Topless Women Talk About Their Lives
1h 30m Comedy, Drama 1997
Tous les Matins du Monde
1h 55m Drama, History 1991
What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
1h 58m Drama 1993
1h 47m Comedy, Romance 1987
Shirley Valentine
1h 48m Comedy, Drama, Romance 1989
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Director's Cut)
2h 17m Sci-Fi, Drama 1977
1h 36m Horror, Comedy 1974
Wake In Fright
1h 49m Drama, Thriller 1971
The L-Shaped Room
2h 6m Drama, Romance 1962

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