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Love is the Devil
1h 31m Drama, LGBT, Art 1998
The Draughtsman's Contract
1h 48m Comedy, Drama, Mystery 1982
A Zed & Two Noughts
1h 57m Comedy, Drama 1985
The Belly of an Architect
1h 54m Drama 1987
Distant Voices, Still Lives
1h 24m Drama 1988
Gregory's Girl
1h 31m Comedy, Drama, Romance 1980
Young Soul Rebels
1h 45m Drama, LGBT 1991
Babylon (1980)
1h 35m Drama, Cult, Music 1980
Burning an Illusion
1h 46m Drama 1981
1h 33m Drama, European 1986
Straight to Hell
1h 26m Cult, Western, Music 1987
Highway Patrolman
1h 44m Drama, Crime, Comedy 1991
Radio On
1h 44m Drama, Music, Mystery 1979
Bleak Moments
1h 51m Drama, Comedy 1971
Lawrence of Belgravia
1h 26m Documentary, Music 2011
Inherent Vice
2h 29m Crime, Drama, Comedy 2015
2h 33m Crime, Drama, Mystery 2013
1h 48m Drama, Crime, Indie 2001
The Battle of Algiers
2h 1m Drama, War, Political 1966
Welcome Aboard
1h 32m Drama 2012
Le Colonel Chabert
2h 7m Drama 1995
1h 40m Comedy 1996
Nelly and Mr. Arnaud
1h 47m Drama, Romance 1996
Alice et Martin
2h 4m Drama, Romance 1998
Au Petit Marguery
1h 30m Drama 1995
The Red Balloon
34m Family, Drama 1956
The Shawshank Redemption
2h 22m Drama, Crime 1994
Trouble in Paradise
1h 22m Comedy 1932
Brief Encounter
1h 26m Drama, Romance 1945
This Happy Breed
1h 50m Drama 1944
Green for Danger
1h 31m Suspense, Crime 1946
1h 52m Comedy, Cult 1966
Young Mr. Lincoln
1h 40m Drama, Biography 1939
Robinson Crusoe on Mars
1h 50m Science Fiction 1964
Corridors of Blood
1h 27m Horror 1958
The Most Dangerous Game
1h 3m Suspense, Thriller 1932
Alexander Nevsky
1h 47m Drama, War, Epic 1938
Shackleton's Captain
1h 25m Drama, Adventure 2012
Enter the Dragon
1h 42m Action, Crime, Thriller 1973
Parting Glances
1h 30m Comedy, Drama, LGBT+ 1986
The Family Way
1h 55m Comedy, Drama 1966
Moonrise (1948)
1h 30m Drama, Crime, Film Noir 1948
Spider Baby
1h 24m Horror, Black Comedy, Cult 1967
Sheen of Gold
1h 21m Music, Documentary 2013
Orphans and Angels
1h 40m Drama, Crime 2002
Rock 'n' Roll High School
1h 33m Comedy, Musical, Cult 1979
Deep End
1h 27m Drama, Comedy, Cult 1970
The Harder They Come
1h 43m Musical, Drama, Cult 1972
1h 57m Suspense, Crime 1955
And God Created Woman
1h 31m Drama, Ooh La La 1956
The Tales of Hoffmann
2h 13m Musical, Comedy, Opera 1951
The Big Combo
1h 27m Crime, Film Noir 1955
Pickup on South Street
1h 20m Crime, Thriller, Film Noir 1953
Fallen Angel
1h 37m Suspense, Crime, Film Noir 1945
Brute Force
1h 38m Suspense, Prison, Film Noir 1947
1h 29m Drama, Crime, Film Noir 1953
The Gold Rush
1h 26m Comedy, Silent 1925
One-Eyed Jacks
2h 21m Western 1961
The Gunfighter
1h 24m Western 1950
Rancho Notorious
1h 29m Western 1952
Ride Lonesome
1h 13m Western 1959
Ride in the Whirlwind
1h 22m Western, Cult 1966
2h 1m Western 1959
Broken Arrow
1h 32m Western 1950
1h 36m Western 1939
On Any Sunday
1h 29m Sport, Motorsport 1971
Dr. Terror's House of Horrors
1h 37m Horror 1965
The Tingler
1h 21m Horror, Cult 1959
The Last Man on Earth
1h 27m Horror, Sci-Fi 1964
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1h 57m Drama, Romance 1939
1h 25m Horror, Silent 1922
M (1931)
1h 49m Crime, Mystery 1931
2h 25m Science Fiction, Silent 1927
Top Secret!
1h 30m Comedy, Crime 1984
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
1h 53m Comedy, Crime, Biography 2002
The Conformist
1h 53m Drama 1970
Juliet of the Spirits
2h 17m Drama, Fantasy 1965
Two Women (aka La Ciociara)
1h 40m Drama 1960
The Grim Reaper (La commare secca)
1h 28m Drama, Crime 1962
A Boy and His Dog
1h 30m Science Fiction, Cult 1975
Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
1h 26m Horror, Comedy, Cult 1972
Invasion of the Bee Girls
1h 26m Sci-Fi, Horror, Trash 1973
1h 31m Horror, Cult 1977
Blood and Black Lace
1h 29m Horror, Thriller, Giallo 1964
The Beyond
1h 27m Horror, Cult 1981
Phenomena (aka Creepers)
1h 56m Horror 1985
Deep Red
2h 6m Horror, Giallo 1975
Four Flies on Grey Velvet
1h 43m Thriller, Giallo 1971
Death Smiles on a Murderer
1h 28m Horror, Mystery, Giallo 1973
Death Rides A Horse
1h 54m Western, Action 1967
The Street Fighter
1h 31m Cult, Martial Arts, Action 1974
The Cranes are Flying
1h 35m Drama, War, Romance 1957
The Burmese Harp
1h 56m Drama 1956
1h 32m Science Fiction, Action 1982
To Kill a Mockingbird
2h 9m Drama 1962
Ten Little Indians (And Then There Were None)
1h 38m Crime, Mystery 1974

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