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Groundhog Day
1h 41m Comedy 1993
1h 47m Comedy, Romance 1987
Julie & Julia
1h 58m Drama, Romance, Biography 2009
The Nightingale
2h 16m Thriller, Drama 2018
1h 37m Comedy, Drama 1989
The Souvenir
2h 0m Drama, Mystery, Romance 2019
Marjorie Prime
1h 39m Drama, Sci-Fi, Romance 2017
2h 10m Drama, Thriller 2011
Dream Horse
1h 53m Drama, Sport 2020
The Glorias
2h 19m Drama, History, Biography 2020
Leave No Trace
1h 48m Drama 2018
The Mercy
1h 52m Adventure, Drama, Sport 2018
1h 47m Comedy, Drama 2017
1h 48m Drama 2015
Kiki, Love to Love
1h 42m Comedy, Romance 2017
The Forgiveness of Blood
1h 49m Drama 2011
God's Pocket
1h 28m Drama, Crime 2014
13 Minutes (Elser)
1h 54m Biography, Drama, War 2015
Gauguin - Voyage de Tahiti
1h 41m Biography, Drama, Romance 2018
Merchants Of Doubt
1h 36m Documentary, Politics 2014
Cutthroat Island
2h 4m Action, Adventure, Comedy 1995
Pretty Village, Pretty Flame
2h 3m Drama, Comedy, War 1996
Europa (aka Zentropa)
1h 52m Drama, Thriller 1991
Feux Rouges (Red Lights)
1h 45m Crime, Drama 2004
Partir Revenir
1h 54m Drama, War 1985
Le Train
1h 35m Drama, Romance, War 1973
Line of Demarcation (La Ligne de Démarcation)
1h 32m Drama, War 1966
Sunflower (I Girasoli)
1h 47m Drama, War 1970
Youthful Sinners (Les Tricheurs)
2h 0m Drama 1958
Picnic on the Grass (Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe)
1h 31m Comedy, Romance 1959
Thérèse Raquin
1h 42m Crime, Drama, Romance 1953
The Cruel Sea
2h 6m Drama, War 1953
Ice Cold in Alex
2h 10m Adventure, War 1958
Mine Own Executioner
1h 48m Thriller 1947
Midnight Oil: 1984
1h 29m Documentary, Music, Politics 2018
When We Were Kings
1h 28m Documentary, Sport 1996
1h 21m Drama 2014
Hannah Arendt
1h 53m Drama, Biography 2012
1h 19m Documentary 2015
1h 30m Documentary 2018
Girls Lost (aka Pojkarna)
1h 46m Drama, LGBTQI 2015
Boom for Real: The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel Basquiat
1h 18m Documentary, Art 2017
Fire At Sea
1h 49m Documentary 2016
The Fits
1h 12m Drama 2015
1h 45m Drama 2018
The Image Book
1h 24m Drama 2018
My Journey Through French Cinema
3h 21m Documentary 2016
Venus and Serena
1h 39m Documentary, Sport 2012
1h 37m Sci-Fi, Thriller 2009
The Station Agent
1h 29m Comedy, Drama 2003
Sling Blade
2h 15m Drama, Crime 1996
The Importance of Being Earnest
1h 37m Comedy, Drama, Romance 2002
2h 3m Biography, Drama, Romance 2002
Blue Car
1h 36m Drama 2002
1h 56m Action, Comedy, Crime 2003
Infernal Affairs
1h 41m Action, Crime 2002
A New Leaf
1h 42m Comedy, Romance 1971
The Devil and Miss Jones
1h 32m Comedy, Romance 1941
The Miracle of Morgan's Creek
1h 38m Comedy 1944
I'm Not Scared
1h 48m Drama, Mystery 2003
1h 29m Documentary 2002
Dirty Pretty Things
1h 37m Drama, Thriller 2002
The Last Vermeer
1h 57m Drama 2020
The Climb
1h 34m Comedy, Drama 2020
Sound Of Metal
2h 0m Drama, Music 2020
Lean on Pete
2h 2m Drama 2018
I, Daniel Blake
1h 41m Drama 2016
In a World...
1h 33m Comedy 2013
Hearts Beat Loud
1h 33m Drama, Music 2018
Sometimes Always Never
1h 27m Comedy, Drama, Mystery 2019
Ride Like a Girl
1h 38m Drama, Sport, Biography 2019
Blade Runner 2049
2h 43m Science Fiction 2017
Beautiful Boy
1h 52m Drama 2018
1h 59m Sci-Fi, Drama 2016
The Diary of a Teenage Girl
1h 42m Drama, Independent 2015
Tim's Vermeer
1h 20m Documentary, Art 2013
Tell It to the Bees
1h 48m Drama, Romance 2018
Brigsby Bear
1h 40m Comedy, Drama 2017
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
1h 36m Comedy, Musical 2007
1h 53m Comedy 2007
1h 42m Crime, Action, Comedy 2000
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
1h 34m Drama, War 2008
1h 44m Drama 2008
1h 37m Crime, Drama, Romance 2002
1h 40m Drama, Mystery 2005
1h 54m Comedy, Drama 2002
Bram Stoker's Dracula
2h 8m Horror 1992
Taxi Driver
1h 54m Crime, Drama 1976
See No Evil
1h 29m Thriller 1971
It Follows
1h 40m Horror, Thriller 2014
1h 47m Comedy, Horror 2014
The Big Chill
1h 45m Drama, Comedy 1983
I Am Love
2h 0m Drama, Romance 2009
The Selfish Giant
1h 33m Drama 2013
Safety Not Guaranteed
1h 25m Comedy, Romance, Fantasy 2012
1h 40m Action, Crime, Thriller 2011
Mr. Nobody
2h 36m Sci-Fi, Drama, Romance 2009
1h 55m Drama 2016
Love & Friendship
1h 34m Comedy, Drama, Romance 2016
Mansfield Park
1h 52m Comedy, Drama, Romance 1999
Mrs. Brown
1h 41m Drama, History, Biography 1997
Almost Friends (aka The Chef's Wife)
1h 31m Comedy, Drama 2014

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