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Wash My Soul in the River's Flow
Documentary 1h 29m 2021
Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America
Documentary 1h 57m 2022
The Last Mountain
Documentary, Sport 1h 47m 2021
The Truffle Hunters
Documentary, Foodie 1h 24m 2021
Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street
Documentary 1h 47m 2021
The Human Factor
Documentary, History 1h 46m 2021
The Alpinist
Documentary, Sport 1h 33m 2021
Mothers of the Revolution
Documentary, History, Thriller 1h 42m 2021
Documentary 1h 36m 2022
JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass
Documentary, History 1h 58m 2021
Us Kids
Documentary, Politics 1h 38m 2021
The New Corporation
Documentary 1h 45m 2020
Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go for It
Documentary 1h 29m 2021
Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain
Documentary, Biography 1h 58m 2021
Some Kind of Heaven
Documentary 1h 23m 2021
The Mole Agent
Documentary 1h 30m 2021
The Donut King
Documentary 1h 39m 2020
Big Deal
Documentary, Politics 1h 41m 2021
The Sparks Brothers
Documentary, Music 2h 15m 2021
Documentary 1h 42m 2021
Documentary 1h 49m 2021
James & Isey
Documentary 1h 30m 2021
Return to Gandhi Road
Documentary 1h 30m 2020
Steelers: The World’s First Gay Rugby Club
Documentary, Sport 1h 20m 2020
Final Account
Documentary 1h 34m 2021
Kipchoge: The Last Milestone
Documentary, Sport 1h 27m 2021
The Painter and the Thief
Documentary, Art 1h 47m 2020
Botticelli, Florence and the Medici
Documentary 1h 30m 2020
The Dissident
Documentary 1h 57m 2021
Girls Can't Surf
Documentary, Sport 1h 48m 2020
Love It Was Not
Documentary 1h 26m 2021
White Riot
Documentary 1h 20m 2020
Documentary 1h 34m 2020
Happy Happy Joy Joy — The Ren & Stimpy Story
Documentary 1h 46m 2020
Feels Good Man
Documentary 1h 32m 2020
I Am Greta
Documentary 1h 37m 2020
The Leadership
Documentary, Adventure, Biography 1h 37m 2020
Spaceship Earth
Documentary, Science 1h 55m 2020
Totally Under Control
Documentary 2h 3m 2020
Unfit: The Psychology Of Donald Trump
Documentary 1h 23m 2020
The Fight
Documentary 1h 36m 2020
Laurel Canyon
Documentary, Music 2h 0m 2020
The Booksellers
Documentary 1h 35m 2020
Oliver Sacks: His Own Life
Documentary 1h 54m 2020
Capital in the Twenty-First Century
Documentary 1h 50m 2019
The Leunig Fragments
Documentary 1h 36m 2019
Ottolenghi and the Cakes of Versailles
Documentary 1h 15m 2020
Memory: The Origins of Alien
Documentary 1h 35m 2019
Iyengar: The Man, Yoga, and the Student's Journey
Documentary 1h 46m 2019
Ask Dr. Ruth
Documentary 1h 40m 2019
Midnight Family
Action, Crime, Documentary 1h 21m 2019
Doin' My Drugs
Documentary 1h 34m 2020
Walking on Water
Documentary 1h 27m 2019
The Dog Doc
Documentary 1h 41m 2019
Well Groomed
Documentary, Sport 1h 28m 2019
Finke: There and Back
Documentary, Sport 1h 30m 2019
Documentary, Political 1h 44m 2020
For Sama
Documentary, War 1h 40m 2019
Scotch: A Golden Dream
Documentary 1h 29m 2019
Martha: A Picture Story
Biography, Documentary 1h 24m 2019
Meeting Gorbachev
Documentary, Biography, History 1h 30m 2019
Island of the Hungry Ghosts
Documentary 1h 34m 2019
Documentary 1h 32m 2019
The Ice King
Documentary 1h 29m 2019
Hail Satan?
Documentary 1h 35m 2019
Documentary, Drama 1h 29m 2019
The Biggest Little Farm
Documentary, Kids and Family 1h 31m 2018
Stieg Larsson: The Man who Played with Fire
Documentary, Biography 1h 39m 2018
John McEnroe: In The Realm Of Perfection
Documentary, Sport 1h 35m 2018
They Shall Not Grow Old
Drama 1h 39m 2018
The Price of Everything
Documentary 1h 35m 2018
Documentary 1h 30m 2018
Jean Paul Gaultier: Freak and Chic
Documentary 1h 32m 2018
Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist
Documentary, Fashion 1h 20m 2018
Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story
Documentary, Biography, History 1h 29m 2018
Inventing Tomorrow
Documentary 1h 27m 2018
McKellen: Playing the Part
Documentary, Biography 1h 32m 2018
Studio 54: The Documentary
Documentary 1h 35m 2018
Kusama: Infinity
Documentary 1h 15m 2018
I Used to Be Normal: A Boyband Fangirl Story
Documentary 1h 36m 2018
Pick of the Litter
Documentary 1h 17m 2018
The Cat Rescuers
Documentary 1h 27m 2018
Documentary 1h 47m 2018
The Gospel According to André
Documentary 1h 30m 2017
Documentary 1h 14m 2017
Brimstone & Glory
Documentary 1h 7m 2017
Boom for Real: The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel Basquiat
Documentary, Art 1h 18m 2017
Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda
Documentary, Music 1h 40m 2017
Yellow is Forbidden
Documentary 1h 32m 2017
House of Z
Documentary 1h 30m 2017
Big Time
Documentary 1h 33m 2017
Citizen Jane: Battle For The City
Documentary, Biography, History 1h 33m 2016
Faces Places
Documentary 1h 29m 2017
Documentary, Family, Music 1h 44m 2017
Becoming Bond
Biography, Documentary, Drama 1h 29m 2017
Documentary 1h 47m 2017
An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power
Documentary 1h 38m 2017
Documentary, Dance 1h 25m 2016
Monkey Business: The Adventures of Curious George's Creators
Documentary 1h 21m 2017
David Lynch: The Art Life
Documentary 1h 27m 2016
My Journey Through French Cinema
Documentary 3h 21m 2016
Life, Animated
Documentary 1h 28m 2016
Fire At Sea
Documentary 1h 49m 2016
City of Gold
Documentary 1h 32m 2016
I Am Not Your Negro
Documentary 1h 29m 2016
Documentary 1h 19m 2016
The First Monday in May
Documentary 1h 31m 2016
Jerry Lewis: Man Behind the Clown
Documentary, Biography, Comedy 1h 1m 2016
The Lovers and the Despot
Documentary 1h 38m 2016
Documentary 1h 42m 2016
The Wolfpack
Documentary 1h 17m 2015
Documentary 1h 58m 2015
The Look of Silence
Documentary, Crime, History 1h 43m 2015
The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble
Documentary 1h 36m 2015
Documentary 1h 19m 2015
Older Than Ireland
Documentary 1h 21m 2015
Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict
Documentary 1h 32m 2015
Dior and I
Documentary 1h 30m 2015
Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief
Documentary 1h 54m 2014
Documentary, Biography 1h 19m 2014
National Gallery
Documentary 3h 0m 2014
Tim's Vermeer
Documentary, Art 1h 20m 2013
The Salt of the Earth
Documentary 1h 45m 2014
Documentary 1h 53m 2013
Advanced Style
Documentary 1h 15m 2013
Finding Vivian Maier
Documentary, Biography 1h 24m 2013
On the Way to School
Documentary 1h 17m 2013
The Battle of the Sexes
Biography, Documentary, History 1h 23m 2013
The Gatekeepers
Documentary, History, War 1h 41m 2012
The Imposter
Documentary 1h 39m 2012
West of Memphis
Documentary, Crime 2h 27m 2012
The Act of Killing
Documentary 2h 39m 2012
Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present
Documentary, Biography 1h 46m 2012
Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry
Documentary 1h 31m 2012
Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Documentary, Biography 1h 21m 2012
Exit Through the Gift Shop
Documentary 1h 27m 2010
Documentary 1h 29m 2011
Eames: The Architect & The Painter
Documentary, Biography 1h 25m 2011
Inside Job
Documentary 1h 48m 2010
The September Issue
Documentary 1h 30m 2008
Documentary, Sport 1h 33m 2007
Man on Wire
Documentary 1h 34m 2008
Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens
Documentary, History 1h 30m 2008
Touching the Void
Documentary, Adventure, Drama, Sport 1h 46m 2003
The Fog Of War
Documentary 1h 47m 2003
Bowling for Columbine
Documentary, Crime 2h 0m 2002
Documentary 1h 29m 2002
Dogtown and Z-Boys
Documentary, Sport 1h 30m 2001
When We Were Kings
Documentary, Sport 1h 28m 1996
Documentary 1h 13m 1995
Hearts of Darkness
Documentary 1h 36m 1991

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