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Sione's Wedding

Comedy, Drama, Romance 1h 37m 2006

AroView: Highly engaging local comedy set among the Auckland Samoan community which charts the misbehaving antics of four laddish buddies (Knightly, Lelisi, Ah Hi, and Robbie Magasiva) who find their best friend (Pua Magasiva) about to get married and insisting they all attend with serious intentions and… girlfriends.

From this starting point, the film details their struggling efforts to ‘grow up’ and find that special connection, although the boys still manage to draw in fire-engines and other chaos to the nuptial ceremony. Powered by a broad and irreverant Polynesian sense of humour, this riffs on ethnic stereotyping in a predictable, though effective way and while not especially ambitious, delivers a certain comic lunacy and freshness rarely found in local productions.


Chris Graham


English, Samoan


New Zealand

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