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1h 19m Documentary 2017
Babylon (1980)
1h 35m Drama, Cult, Music 1980
The Belly of an Architect
1h 54m Drama 1987
Bleak Moments
1h 51m Drama, Comedy 1971
Burning an Illusion
1h 46m Drama 1981
1h 33m Drama, European 1986
Deep End
1h 27m Drama, Comedy, Cult 1970
Distant Voices, Still Lives
1h 24m Drama 1988
The Draughtsman's Contract
1h 48m Comedy, Drama, Mystery 1982
Gregory's Girl
1h 31m Comedy, Drama, Romance 1980
Highway Patrolman
1h 44m Drama, Crime, Comedy 1991
Lawrence of Belgravia
1h 26m Documentary, Music 2011
Love is the Devil
1h 31m Drama, LGBT, Art 1998
My Childhood
46m Biography, Drama 1972
My Ain Folk
55m Biography, Drama 1973
My Way Home
1h 11m Biography, Drama 1978
Radio On
1h 44m Drama, Music, Mystery 1979
Straight to Hell
1h 26m Cult, Western, Music 1987
Young Soul Rebels
1h 45m Drama, LGBT 1991
A Zed & Two Noughts
1h 57m Comedy, Drama 1985

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