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Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
1h 36m Drama 2023
Prison 77
2h 5m Drama 2022
Siege (Asedio)
1h 39m Thriller, Action 2023
2h 0m Drama 2022
Two Many Chefs
1h 32m Comedy 2022
When Evil Lurks
1h 40m Horror 2023
The Lemon & Poppy Seed Mystery
1h 58m Drama 2021
Robe of Gems
1h 58m Drama 2022
The Good Boss
2h 0m Comedy 2022
El Planeta
1h 22m Comedy, Drama 2021
New Order
1h 26m Drama 2020
Official Competition
1h 55m Comedy, Drama 2022
La Abuela
1h 39m Horror 2021
1h 39m Drama, Horror 2021
Clara Sola
1h 46m Drama 2021
Rosa's Wedding
1h 39m Comedy, Romance 2021
Parallel Mothers
2h 2m Drama 2021
Forgotten We'll Be
2h 17m Drama, History 2020
It Snows in Benidorm
1h 58m Drama, Romance 2020
Book of Love
1h 46m Comedy, Romance 2022
I Carry You With Me (Te Llevo Conmigo)
1h 51m Drama, Romance, LGBT+ 2020
Heroic Losers
1h 57m Crime, Comedy, Thriller 2020
1h 47m Drama, Dance, Romance 2019
The Mole Agent
1h 30m Documentary 2021
Three Summers
1h 34m Comedy, Drama 2019
While at War
1h 47m Drama, History, War 2019
The People Upstairs
1h 22m Comedy 2020
1h 35m Drama 2019
The Realm
2h 12m Drama, Thriller 2019
1h 42m Drama, Thriller 2019
Midnight Family
1h 21m Action, Crime, Documentary 2019
End of the Century
1h 24m Drama, Romance 2019
Florianópolis Dream
1h 46m Comedy, Drama, Romance 2018
A Fantastic Woman
1h 44m Drama, LGBT+ 2017
Brimstone & Glory
1h 7m Documentary 2017
1h 55m Drama 2017
The Untamed
1h 40m Drama, Horror, Thriller 2017
Holy Camp!
1h 49m Musical, Comedy, LGBTQ+ 2017
No Dress Code Required
1h 31m Documentary, LGBT+ 2017
Kiki, Love to Love
1h 42m Comedy, Romance 2017
Smoke and Mirrors
2h 2m Biography, Thriller 2016
Neon Bull
1h 41m Drama 2016
Marina Abramovic in Brazil: The Space in Between
1h 25m Documentary 2016
2h 22m Drama 2016
1h 48m Drama 2015
The Second Mother
1h 52m Comedy, Drama 2015
1h 33m Drama 2015
The Clan
1h 48m Crime, Drama 2015
Embrace of the Serpent
2h 5m Adventure, Drama 2015
1h 50m Comedy, Drama, Romance 2013
The Noble Family
1h 48m Comedy 2013
Casa De Mi Padre
1h 24m Comedy, Western 2012
7 Boxes
1h 40m Crime, Thriller 2012
1h 58m Drama, Romance 2012
Violeta Went to Heaven
1h 50m Drama, Music, Biography 2011
2h 22m Drama, Romance 2010
The Secret in Their Eyes
2h 9m Drama, Mystery, Romance 2009
1h 18m Horror 2008
Bad Education
1h 46m Crime, Drama 2004
The Motorcycle Diaries
2h 6m Drama, Adventure, Biography 2004
City of Men
1h 46m Crime, Drama 2007
City of God
2h 10m Crime, Drama 2003
The Devil's Backbone
1h 46m Drama, Horror 2001
Like Water for Chocolate
1h 49m Drama, Romance 1993
Highway Patrolman
1h 44m Drama, Crime, Comedy 1991
1h 35m Drama 1970
Un Chien Andalou
16m Short, Fantasy, Surreal 1929

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