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The Quiet Earth

Science Fiction, Drama, Mystery 1h 31m 1985

Geoff Murphy’s classic sci-fi picture starring the legendary Bruno Lawrence as protagonist Zac Hobson who wakes one morning to find himself apparently the only person left on earth.

Ironically, the event that almost wiped out life on planet Earth is Zac’s own invention. A project he has been working on results in a massive electrical pulse that obliterates everything living. An intimate portrait of a shattered psyche, the film explores Zac’s solitude and the way it drives him slowly mad, until he joins a group of other survivors and attempts to save what’s left of the earth from a further catastrophic event.

“With some visually striking images - a deserted inner-city Auckland the highlight - there’s enough existentialist thrills to satisfy.” ~ AroVideo.


Geoff Murphy




New Zealand

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