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The Price of Milk

Comedy, Drama, Fantasy 1h 27m 2001

AroView: For young-marrieds Danielle Cormack and Karl Urban, the cost of farming their 117 cows is a strange exile in the NZ backblocks.

Milking the landscape of green pasture, blue sky and black-and-white cows for its inherent and quaintly comical surrealism, dir. Sinclair (TOPLESS WOMEN TALK ABOUT THEIR LIVES) produces an magic fresh-air vision of rural life with the help of cameraman Leon Narby and the Moscow Symphony Orchestra.

“Abetted by the resplendent CinemaScope cinematography of Leon Narbey, Sinclair has fashioned a visual rhapsody to the empty loveliness of dairy country - and peopled it with gorgeous oddballs who delight and perplex each other to distraction.” ~ Bill Gosden, NZIFF 2002.


Harry Sinclair




New Zealand

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