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The Justice of Bunny King

1h 41m Drama 2021

AroView: A single mother takes on the bureaucracy of NZ social services in this hard hitting drama, an impressive feature debut of director Gaysorn Thavat.

Essie Davis puts on a powerhouse performance as the wily Bunny King, a woman with a sketchy past who works as a squeegee bandit washing windows at traffic lights, saving to gain custody of her children in time for the birthday party of the youngest. When events take a turn for the worse she loses confidence in the promises and demands of social services and takes matters into her own hands, with her niece (Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie) along for the ride.

A crime caper with enormous heart and a gritty authenticity deserving of comparisons to the films of Ken Loach (I, DANIEL BLAKE).

“An angry, funny and deeply loveable film. While there are deadly serious issues at its heart, the film remains deft, warm and witty.” ~GRAEME TUCKETT, STUFF.CO.NZ


Gaysorn Thavat




New Zealand



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