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Capital in the Twenty-First Century

1h 50m Documentary 2019

AroView: NZ filmmaker Justin Pemberton astutely adapts the bestselling book of the same name by French economist Thomas Piketty, which tells the story of 400 years of economic history and presents a devastatingly coherent picture of how we reached today’s mess of extreme wealth and poverty.

“Breaks the popular assumption that the accumulation of capital runs hand in hand with social progress, shining a new light on the world around us and its growing inequalities. Traveling through time from the French Revolution and other huge global shifts, to world wars and through to the rise of new technologies today, the film assembles accessible pop-culture references coupled with interviews of some of the world’s most influential experts delivering an insightful and empowering journey through the past and into our future.”

“An almost overwhelming alarm bell, a call to action and a fact, chart, animated illustration-and-quote-stuffed history of “how we got here” in the first place.” ~MOVIE NATION


Justin Pemberton




New Zealand, France

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