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May December
1h 57m Drama 2023
King Loser
1h 30m Music, Documentary, AroVision Exclusive 2023
1h 37m Documentary 2022
The Origin of Evil
2h 3m Black Comedy, Mystery 2022
The Nannies
1h 45m Comedy 2022
Moving On
1h 25m Comedy, Drama 2023
To Leslie
1h 59m Drama 2022
Return to Seoul
1h 59m Drama 2022
1h 52m Biography, Drama 2022
Clean (2022)
1h 32m Documentary 2022
To Chiara
2h 2m Drama 2022
A Love Song
1h 21m Drama 2022
The Nowhere Inn
1h 32m Comedy, Drama, Music 2020
1h 47m Drama 2020
After Love
1h 29m Drama 2020
Frocks & Divas
1h 15m Documentary 2022
Everything Everywhere All at Once
2h 19m Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure 2022
1h 56m Drama 2021
Elizabeth: A Portrait in Parts
1h 29m Documentary 2022
The Worst Person in the World
2h 8m Comedy, Drama, Romance 2021
Parallel Mothers
2h 2m Drama 2021
Catch the Fair One
1h 25m Crime, Thriller 2021
The 355
2h 2m Action, Thriller 2022
The Columnist
1h 24m Comedy, Horror, Black Comedy 2020
The County
1h 30m Comedy, Drama 2020
1h 58m Documentary, Music, Biography 2021
Gunpowder Milkshake
1h 54m Action, Adventure, Thriller 2021
The Suicide Squad (2021)
2h 12m Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy 2021
Girls Can't Surf
1h 48m Documentary, Sport 2020
1h 38m Thriller 2020
I Am Greta
1h 37m Documentary 2020
Like a Boss
1h 23m Comedy 2020
The Rhythm Section
1h 49m Action, Drama, Mystery 2020
1h 47m Drama, Dance, Romance 2019
Our Ladies
1h 46m Comedy, Drama 2019
Ms. White Light
1h 37m Drama 2019
Long Shot
2h 4m Comedy, Romance 2019
1h 49m Drama, Biography 2019
1h 37m Documentary, Sport 2019
Red Joan
1h 49m Biography, Drama, Thriller 2018
Britt-Marie Was Here
1h 37m Comedy, Drama, Sport 2019
Frida: Viva La Vida
1h 37m Documentary 2019
Suzi Q
1h 40m Documentary 2019
PJ Harvey: A Dog Called Money
1h 30m Documentary 2019
1h 26m Drama 2019
2h 0m Action, Thriller 2019
Woman at War
1h 40m Comedy, Drama 2018
Eighth Grade
1h 34m Drama 2018
Funny Cow
1h 42m Comedy, Drama 2018
The Chaperone
1h 48m Drama 2018
Support The Girls
1h 30m Comedy, Drama 2018
She Shears
1h 19m Documentary 2018
1h 33m Documentary 2018
A Private War
1h 46m Drama 2018
The Wife
1h 40m Drama 2017
A Simple Favour
1h 55m Drama, Comedy, Crime 2017
Bad Genius
2h 10m Comedy, Thriller, Crime 2017
That's Not Me
1h 25m Comedy 2017
Maria by Callas
1h 54m Documentary, Music 2017
1h 57m Drama, Thriller 2016
1h 30m Drama 2016
Like Crazy (La Pazza Gioia)
1h 58m Drama, Comedy 2016
2h 22m Drama 2016
Love & Friendship
1h 34m Comedy, Drama, Romance 2016
A Quiet Passion
2h 5m Biography, Drama 2016
Sunset Song
2h 11m Drama 2015
1h 18m Comedy, Drama 2015
1h 47m Drama, Romance 2015
Hello, My Name Is Doris
1h 35m Comedy, Drama, Romance 2015
1h 35m Drama 2015
1h 33m Drama 2015
Our Little Sister
2h 7m Drama 2015
2h 18m Crime, Thriller 2015
1h 19m Documentary, Biography 2014
1h 21m Drama 2014
Marie's Story
1h 35m Biography, Drama 2014
Mad Max: Fury Road
2h 0m Action, Science Fiction 2013
1h 50m Comedy, Drama, Romance 2013
Big Eyes
1h 46m Drama, Biography 2013
Under the Skin
1h 48m Drama, Science Fiction 2013
Short Term 12
1h 36m Drama 2013
The Battle of the Sexes
1h 23m Biography, Documentary, History 2013
Venus and Serena
1h 39m Documentary, Sport 2012
The Hunger Games
2h 22m Science Fiction, Action, Adventure 2012
Beyond the Hills
2h 33m Drama 2012
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
2h 33m Crime, Drama, Mystery 2010
Sarah's Key
1h 51m Drama, War 2010
Julie & Julia
1h 58m Drama, Romance, Biography 2009
The September Issue
1h 30m Documentary 2008
The Duchess
1h 50m Drama, History, Biography 2008
2h 11m Drama, Musical 2006
Vera Drake
2h 5m Drama, Crime 2004
Mean Girls
1h 37m Comedy, Drama 2004
The Hours
1h 50m Drama, Romance 2002
2h 2m Comedy, Romance 2001
Girl, Interrupted
2h 7m Drama 1999
The Messenger: The Story of Joan Arc
2h 38m Adventure, Drama 1999
Paradise Road
2h 2m Drama, History, War 1997
The First Wives Club
1h 43m Comedy 1996
Citizen Ruth
1h 46m Comedy, Drama 1996
2h 1m Comedy, Drama, Romance 1996
Cutthroat Island
2h 4m Action, Adventure, Comedy 1995
Muriel's Wedding
1h 41m Comedy, Drama 1994
Basic Instinct
2h 7m Mystery, Thriller 1992
Postcards from the Edge
1h 41m Comedy, Drama 1990
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
2h 17m Action, Science Fiction 1991
La Femme Nikita
1h 57m Thriller, Action 1990
Pretty in Pink
1h 36m Comedy, Drama, Romance 1986
Leave All Fair
1h 30m Drama, Biography 1985
2h 20m Biography, Drama, Romance 1982
Mommie Dearest
2h 9m Biography, Drama 1981
Burning an Illusion
1h 46m Drama 1981
Family Life
1h 48m Drama 1971
Funny Girl
2h 31m Comedy, Drama, Musical 1968
The L-Shaped Room
2h 6m Drama, Romance 1962
Les Bonnes Femmes (Good Time Girls)
1h 40m Comedy, Drama, Romance 1960
Johnny Guitar
1h 50m Western, Cult 1954
Wizard of Oz (1939)
1h 42m Adventure, Family 1939
His Girl Friday
1h 32m Comedy, Romance 1940

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