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46m Documentary 2023

This rental includes bonus film “Whispers of Gold”. (see below)

For nearly 100 years the name Jos Divis was missing from histories of New Zealand photography. Now a wrong is being righted.

Some call him the ‘inventor of the selfie’. A street photographer ahead of his time, he pioneered techniques to capture images of ordinary people and their working lives in a way no-one else could. Imprisoned for his beliefs, he lived his last years alone in the ghost town he helped bring to life, his family believing him dead.

JOS is a journey of discovery following a historian, a photographer and a museum curator all working to give Jos Divis the recognition he deserves.


Dave Kwant






New Zealand

Bonus Content

Whispers of Gold


On the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island, lie the ghosts of Waiuta, one of New Zealand’s richest gold towns. WHISPERS OF GOLD tells the story of the town from its beginnings to the present day.

Archive film and photographs give a rare glimpse of 1900’s mining town life - the colorful characters, stories, and the gold that kept its heart beating but left a toxic legacy. Waiuta has now come full circle as a passionate group restore it as an official New Zealand Landmark, while others are looking to once again mine the untold riches below.

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