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1h 48m Drama, Mystery, Thriller 2022
1h 58m Drama 2023
2h 6m Drama, LGBT 2022
The Blue Caftan
2h 4m Drama, LGBT 2022
Holy Spider
1h 58m Crime, Thriller 2022
Cairo Conspiracy (aka Boy From Heaven)
2h 6m Drama, Thriller 2021
Huda's Salon
1h 31m Thriller 2021
My Neighbour Adolf
1h 36m Comedy, Drama 2023
Image of Victory
2h 10m Drama, History, War 2022
A Hero
2h 7m Drama, Thriller 2022
Hit the Road
1h 33m Drama 2021
A Tale of Love and Desire
1h 42m Drama, Romance 2021
There is No Evil
2h 31m Drama 2020
The Dissident
1h 57m Documentary 2021
A Son
1h 36m Drama 2020
1h 25m Drama 2020
God of the Piano
1h 20m Drama 2020
It Must Be Heaven
1h 42m Comedy 2020
2h 3m Thriller 2019
For Sama
1h 40m Documentary, War 2019
3 Faces
1h 37m Drama 2019
Working Woman
1h 33m Drama 2018
2h 1m Drama 2018
1h 30m Documentary, Music 2018
The Reports On Sarah and Saleem
2h 7m Drama 2018
Wajib - The Wedding Invitation
1h 36m Drama 2017
1h 53m Drama 2017
The Insult
1h 53m Crime, Drama, Thriller 2017
Last Men in Aleppo
1h 23m Documentary, War 2017
In Between
1h 43m Drama, LGBTQI 2016
1h 37m Drama 2015
1h 19m Documentary 2016
The Salesman
2h 4m Drama, Thriller 2016
Wednesday, May 9
1h 42m Drama 2015
1h 45m Drama, Romance 2015
Tehran Taxi
1h 22m Comedy, Drama 2015
The Past
2h 10m Drama, Mystery 2013
1h 38m Crime, Drama, Romance 2013
Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
2h 38m Crime, Drama 2011
About Elly
1h 59m Drama, Mystery, Thriller 2009
The Band's Visit
1h 27m Comedy, Drama, Musical 2007
The Kite Runner
2h 8m Drama 2007
Fireworks Wednesday
1h 44m Drama, Mystery, Romance 2006
Children of Heaven
1h 29m Drama, Family, Sport 1997
Disco Boy
1h 33m Drama 2023
Neptune Frost
1h 45m Musical, Sci-Fi, Arthouse 2021
Night of the Kings
1h 33m Drama, Fantasy 2020
Lingui: Sacred Bonds
1h 28m Drama 2021
1h 36m Drama, Fantasy, Horror 2021
I Am Not a Witch
1h 32m Drama 2017
Half of a Yellow Sun
1h 51m Drama 2013
1h 39m Drama 2011
1h 31m Drama 1968

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