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Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song

Musical 1h 47m 2013

Set in a far-North trailer park, this audacious take on Shakespeare’s love story is a contemporary rock operetta mixing such diverse musical styles as rap, ballad and hard rock. Director Tim van Dammen draws on a career in music video directing to keep the visual style as dynamic as the musical accompaniment.

AroView: The Bard’s most iconic play is performed with colloquial gusto in this inventive musical transposing of the tale of star-crossed lovers to an eccentric Kiwi campground. While it certainly has its moments, the technique of the actors miming to other people’s singing voices feels more like a compromise than an aesthetic choice, though fair maiden Juliet (as played by Parlak) makes a charismatic heroine.

“The latest iteration of Shakespeare’s indestructible tragedy of teen love comes as a triumphant blast of 21st-century Kiwi trailer trash pop.” ~ New Zealand International Film Festival.


Tim van Dammen




New Zealand

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