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Leave All Fair

Drama, Biography 1h 30m 1985

On the 7 August 1922, Katherine Mansfield wrote to her husband, John Middleton Murry, a “farewell” letter. It contained some cruel accusations against him and ended: “All my manuscripts, books, papers, letters I leave to you. Go through them one day, dear love, publish as little as possible and tear up and burn as much as possible. You know my love of tidiness. Have a clean sweep, Bogey, and leave all fair - will you?”

Following Katherine Mansfield’s posthumous instructions to her husband John Middleton Murry (Sir John Gielgud) regarding her work, and his subsequent handling of them, the film alternates between the publication of Mansfield’s letters 33 years after her death and memories of her in life.


John Reid




New Zealand

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