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Mega Time Squad

Comedy, Science Fiction 1h 19m 2018

THE CASTLE meets LOOPER, MEGA TIME SQUAD is a study in high-meets-low, combining elements of the sci-fi, the crime thriller and the comedy to make a comedy heist film with a time-traveling twist.

AroView: Ingenious low-budget sci-fi comedy set in the tiny North Island town of Thames, New Zealand in which a small-town criminal finds an ancient Chinese time-travel device that can help him pull off a heist and start a new life, though he may not survive the consequences of tampering with time.

Exploiting the temporal paradox of time travel to the max, this has little time for explanation and lotsa time for the absurdist fun that created with a bunch of mates, a camera, some nifty editing software, a love of genre cinema and some shameless Kiwi vernacular. Hey presto, cult movie magic!

“One of the greatest time travel movies ever committed to celluloid. Yes, I said it and I certainly stand by it.” ~ Phil Wheat, Nerdly.


Tim van Dammen




New Zealand

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