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Mister Organ

1h 36m Documentary 2022

A thrilling and tension filled three-year long investigation by journalist and filmmaker David Farrier (Tickled), who unearths a trail of multiple court cases, inflated claims of royal bloodlines, ruined lives, and at least one stolen boat.

The story starts when Farrier becomes fascinated by the late-night antics of a rogue wheel clamper in Auckland, working for eccentric antique shop owner, Jillian Bashford. The clamper is Michael Organ, a once convicted thief who once claimed to be royalty. But Farrier finds Organ has set his sights on him too, filing legal papers against him. Farrier gathers intel about the trail of mischief and misery that Organ seems to have left in his wake, but his curiosity seems to only beg more questions of a character who seems to have mastered the art of deception.

“Mister Organ is everything you are hoping it will be. This is a dark, compelling, bleakly hilarious and – at times – disturbing film.” ~Graeme Tuckett, Stuff

“An exploration of what happens when a filmmaker becomes too attached to its subject and what happens when the strands of reality become too far entangled to unwind.” ~Darren Bevan, Darren’s World of Entertainment


David Farrier




New Zealand



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