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Shadow in the Cloud

Action, Horror 1h 23m 2020

Action horror film from Kiwi director Roseanne Liang (MY WEDDING AND OTHER SECRETS) set during WWII, with Chloë Grace Moretz playing a captain who joins the all-male crew of a B-17 bomber with a top-secret package. But it soon emerges that something sinister is tearing at the heart of the plane.

Trapped between an oncoming air ambush and an evil lurking within, the captain must push beyond her limits to save the hapless crew and protect her mysterious cargo.

“Hardly a minute of the movie registers as “realistic,” but that hardly matters, since Liang so fully commits to its over-the-top sensibility that you’ll be clutching the armrest and grinning with glee for most of the ride.” ~ Peter Debruge, Variety.


Roseanne Liang




New Zealand, USA



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