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Never Say Die

1h 30m Action, Adventure 1988

When investigative journalist Alf Winters and his American girlfriend Melissa Jones return home to New Zealand, they narrowly escape death when their home is blown up. Clearly Alf has stumbled across a secret that somebody wants to keep hidden - but what? Unable to convince Evans, the local tough cop, that someone is really out to kill them, Alf and Melissa are forced to solve the mystery themselves.

AroView: The last of director Geoff Murphy’s run of local films, before he was hired as a young gun by Hollywood, is a reprise of GOODBYE PORK PIE formula - a good-natured, fast-paced action yarn featuring Pork Pie’s Tony Barry, and notably starring Temuera Morrison in his leading debut.

The conspiracy plot is mostly an excuse for chases, capers and crashes galore, all imbued with plenty of pell-mell shenanigans (this time heading north in a red Ford Falcon).

“Nostalgic urban location shooting. Tony Barry is terrific as usual and John Clarke has a cameo which he probably scripted himself and its worth the price of admission.” ~AroVideo User Review


Geoff Murphy


Geoff Murphy


Murray Newey


Geoff Murphy




New Zealand

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