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A quick guide to optimizing AroVision

The best way to watch AroVision is on your TeleVision!

Choose from the following options to achieve this:

- NEW! The AroVision tvOS App is now available to download direct to Apple TV.

Note: AroVision is not available to view directly on most SmartTV web browsers due to content security protocols. See above for options!

Also, only the following brands of television with built-in casting currently use Chromecast: Sony, Sharp, Toshiba, Philips, Polaroid, Skyworth, Soniq and Vizio. All other brands use Miracast, which is not supported on our platform due to its lower security protocols. Please try the laptop/HDMI option if available.

AroVision uses “Studio 1” level copy protection to keep our content safe. This means HD (High Definition) playback is enabled only on Edge and Safari web browsers, iOS apps, Android apps, Chromecast, and AirPlay. Playback is limited to SD (Standard Definition) on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Playback is disabled when: - Played on macOS when not using Safari and an external monitor is plugged in. - When using Safari on iOS or an iOS app to an external monitor. - If any hardware (external monitor/TV, HDMI cable) does not support HDCP level 1.1 or higher.

For further assistance see our Help page.

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