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A Storm Foretold
1h 39m Documentary, Politics 2023
A Compassionate Spy
1h 41m Documentary 2022
1h 37m Documentary 2022
1h 22m Docu-drama, Independent 2023
Building Bridges: Bill Youren's Vision of Peace
1h 22m Documentary 2023
Ithaka: A Fight to Free Julian Assange
1h 51m Documentary 2022
1h 38m Documentary 2022
Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America
1h 57m Documentary 2022
The Human Factor
1h 46m Documentary, History 2021
Us Kids
1h 38m Documentary, Politics 2021
The New Corporation
1h 45m Documentary 2020
JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass
1h 58m Documentary, History 2021
Big Deal
1h 41m Documentary, Politics 2021
The Dissident
1h 57m Documentary 2021
Totally Under Control
2h 3m Documentary 2020
Unfit: The Psychology Of Donald Trump
1h 23m Documentary 2020
The Fight
1h 36m Documentary 2020
Feels Good Man
1h 32m Documentary 2020
I Am Greta
1h 37m Documentary 2020
1h 44m Documentary, Political 2020
Capital in the Twenty-First Century
1h 50m Documentary 2019
The Human Factor
1h 46m Documentary, History 2021
Meeting Gorbachev
1h 30m Documentary, Biography, History 2019
Hail Satan?
1h 35m Documentary 2019
1h 49m Action, Thriller 2018
1h 37m Documentary, Biography 2018
Fahrenheit 11/9
2h 3m Documentary 2018
The Death of Stalin
1h 33m Comedy, Drama 2017
My Year With Helen
1h 33m Documentary 2017
Miss Sloane
2h 12m Drama, Thriller 2017
An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power
1h 38m Documentary 2017
The Lovers and the Despot
1h 38m Documentary 2016
I Am Not Your Negro
1h 29m Documentary 2016
Where to Invade Next
1h 55m Documentary 2015
Best of Enemies
1h 27m Documentary, History, Politics 2015
2h 5m Drama, Biography, History 2015
Merchants Of Doubt
1h 36m Documentary, Politics 2014
2h 8m Biography, Drama, History 2014
The Spirit of '45
1h 34m Documentary 2013
The Act of Killing
2h 39m Documentary 2012
The Ides of March
1h 41m Drama, Thriller 2011
The Gatekeepers
1h 41m Documentary, History, War 2012
The Iron Lady
1h 45m Biography, Drama 2011
Inside Job
1h 48m Documentary 2010
In the Loop
1h 46m Comedy 2009
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
1h 47m Documentary, History 2005
The Motorcycle Diaries
2h 6m Drama, Adventure, Biography 2004
The Fog Of War
1h 47m Documentary 2003
Bowling for Columbine
2h 0m Documentary, Crime 2002
Winter Kills
1h 37m Drama, Mystery, Comedy 1979
The Battle of Algiers
2h 1m Drama, War, Political 1966

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