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Sling Blade
Drama, Crime 2h 15m 1996
Next Stop Wonderland
Comedy, Drama, Romance 1h 44m 1998
Citizen Ruth
Comedy, Drama 1h 46m 1996
Gas Food Lodging
Drama, Romance 1h 41m 1992
Comedy, Drama 1h 36m 1996
Reality Bites
Comedy, Drama, Romance 1h 39m 1994
Pulp Fiction
Crime, Drama 2h 34m 1994
Jackie Brown
Crime, Drama, Thriller 2h 34m 1997
Cry Baby
Comedy, Musical 1h 25m 1990
The Big Lebowski
Crime, Black Comedy, Sport 1h 57m 1998
Being John Malkovich
Comedy, Drama, Fantasy 1h 53m 1999
The Castle
Comedy, Drama 1h 25m 1997
Dazed and Confused
Comedy, Drama 1h 42m 1993
Comedy, Drama 1h 52m 1995
Holy Smoke
Comedy, Drama 1h 55m 1999
Do the Right Thing
Comedy, Drama 2h 0m 1989
Comedy, Drama 1h 55m 1994
Drama 1h 33m 1996
Shallow Grave
Crime, Thriller 1h 29m 1994
Wayne's World
Comedy 1h 35m 1992
Leaving Las Vegas
Drama, Romance 1h 51m 1995
Four Rooms
Comedy 1h 38m 1995
Hard Eight
Crime, Drama 1h 42m 1996
Wild Things
Thriller 1h 48m 1998
What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
Drama 1h 58m 1993
Arizona Dream
Comedy, Drama, Fantasy 2h 22m 1993
Sleepy Hollow
Fantasy, Horror, Mystery 1h 45m 1999
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Horror 2h 8m 1992
The Straight Story
Biography, Drama 1h 52m 1999
Horror, Comedy 1h 51m 1996
Basic Instinct
Mystery, Thriller 2h 7m 1992
The Ice Storm
Drama 1h 52m 1997
Light Sleeper
Crime, Drama 1h 43m 1992
The Cider House Rules
Drama, Romance 2h 6m 1999
Girl, Interrupted
Drama 2h 7m 1999
Good Will Hunting
Drama, Romance 2h 6m 1997
Crime, Drama 1h 54m 1994
Big Night
Drama 1h 47m 1996
Comedy, Crime, Drama 1h 45m 1994
Rambling Rose
Drama 1h 52m 1991
Comedy 1h 32m 1994
Biography, Drama, History 2h 14m 1997
Biography, Comedy, Drama 2h 23m 1992
Drama, Fantasy, Romance 2h 7m 1990
Sleepless in Seattle
Comedy, Romance, Drama 1h 45m 1993
Drama 2h 5m 1993
The First Wives Club
Comedy 1h 43m 1996
I Love You to Death
Comedy, Crime 1h 37m 1990
Guarding Tess
Comedy 1h 35m 1994
Postcards from the Edge
Comedy, Drama 1h 41m 1990
Action, Adventure, Thriller 1h 53m 1993
The Crossing Guard
Drama, Thriller 1h 51m 1995
As Good As It Gets
Comedy, Romance 2h 18m 1997
A Few Good Men
Drama, Thriller 2h 18m 1992
Jerry Maguire
Comedy, Drama, Romance 2h 19m 1996
Days of Thunder
Action, Drama, Sport 1h 57m 1990
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Action, Science Fiction 2h 17m 1991
The Matrix
Action, Sci-Fi 2h 16m 1999
Jurassic Park
Sci-Fi, Adventure, Family 2h 7m 1993

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