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Comedies & Crowd-pleasers

Days of the Bagnold Summer
Comedy 1h 26m 2021
June Again
Drama, Comedy 1h 39m 2021
Come As You Are
Comedy, Drama 1h 47m 2020
Let Them All Talk
Comedy, Drama 1h 53m 2020
Rams (2020)
Comedy, Drama 1h 59m 2020
Wild Mountain Thyme
Drama, Romance 1h 42m 2020
Comedy, Drama, History 1h 47m 2020
Baby Done
Comedy 1h 31m 2020
Bill & Ted Face the Music
Comedy, Sci-Fi 1h 32m 2020
I Used to Go Here
Comedy 1h 28m 2020
The Lovebirds
Comedy, Romance, Crime 1h 26m 2020
The Trip to Greece
Comedy, Drama 1h 43m 2020
Knives Out
Comedy, Crime, Drama 2h 10m 2019
The Keeper
Biography, Drama, Romance, Sport, War 1h 33m 2019
Humor Me
Comedy 1h 29m 2018
Musical, Fantasy, Biography 2h 1m 2019
Fisherman's Friends
Comedy, Drama, Music 1h 52m 2019
Long Shot
Comedy, Romance 2h 4m 2019
Sorry to Bother You
Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi 1h 52m 2018
Stan & Ollie
Comedy, Drama, Biography 1h 37m 2018
Swimming With Men
Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sport 1h 37m 2018
Wild Rose
Drama, Music 1h 40m 2018
Destination Wedding
Comedy, Romance 1h 30m 2018
The Death of Stalin
Comedy, Drama 1h 33m 2017
The Party
Drama 1h 8m 2017
A Simple Favour
Drama, Comedy, Crime 1h 55m 2017
Comedy 1h 40m 2018
Game Night
Comedy, Action, Crime 1h 40m 2017
The Trip to Spain
Comedy 1h 44m 2017
Sing Street
Comedy, Drama, Musical 1h 45m 2016
The Big Short
Biography, Comedy, Drama, History 2h 10m 2015
Man Up
Comedy, Drama, Romance 1h 28m 2015
Comedy, Drama 1h 54m 2014
Cuban Fury
Comedy, Romance, Sport 1h 38m 2014
Big Eyes
Drama, Biography 1h 46m 2013
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa
Action, Comedy, Crime 1h 30m 2013
Warm Bodies
Comedy, Horror, Romance 1h 38m 2013
Don Jon
Comedy, Drama, Romance 1h 30m 2013
The Trip to Italy
Comedy 1h 49m 2013
The Brass Teapot
Comedy, Fantasy, Thriller 1h 42m 2012
Moonrise Kingdom
Comedy, Drama 1h 34m 2012
The Angels' Share
Comedy, Crime, Drama 1h 37m 2012
The Intouchables
Comedy, Biography 1h 52m 2011
The Way
Comedy, Drama 2h 1m 2010
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Comedy, Fantasy, Romance 1h 52m 2010
Comedy 1h 35m 2011
The Trip
Comedy 1h 47m 2010
I Love You, Man
Comedy 1h 45m 2009
In the Loop
Comedy 1h 46m 2009
Whip It
Comedy, Drama, Sport 1h 51m 2009
Comedy, Crime, Romance 1h 32m 2009
Sex and the City
Comedy, Drama, Romance 2h 25m 2008
Slumdog Millionaire
Drama, Romance 2h 0m 2008
Old School
Comedy 1h 31m 2003
Comedy, Crime, Musical 1h 53m 2002
Bend it Like Beckham
Comedy, Drama, Romance 1h 52m 2002
Comedy 1h 30m 2001
Drama, Romance 2h 1m 2000
Notting Hill
Comedy, Drama, Romance 2h 4m 1999
Shakespeare in Love
Comedy, Drama, Romance, History 2h 3m 1998
What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
Drama 1h 58m 1993
The Castle
Comedy, Drama 1h 25m 1997
Shirley Valentine
Comedy, Drama, Romance 1h 48m 1990
L.A. Story
Comedy, Drama, Fantasy 1h 35m 1991
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Comedy 1h 33m 1987