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Down Low

1h 35m Comedy, LGBT+ 2023

An outrageous comedy about one wild night and hysterical outcomes. Repressed divorcé, Gary hires Cameron, a spirited and boundary-free sex worker to give him an erotic massage.

When Cameron learns how inexperienced middle-aged Gary is, he becomes determined to deliver a crash course in unapologetic queer life. Cameron’s agenda of hook-up apps and gay nomenclature quickly causes the day to take several riotously obscure turns as the pair endure a nosy, pill-popping neighbor, a dark web intruder, and more in a hilarious evening of consequences and confrontation.

“An ambitious journey through sex work, repressed sexuality, accidental murder, the fragility of life, and an oddly tender exploration of the age-old question: can you still be a good person if you do bad things?” ~Maggie Lovitt, Collider


Rightor Doyle



Closed Captions [CC]






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