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I Love You, Man

1h 45m Comedy 2009

AroView: Hot on the heels of ROLE MODELS, comes another charmingly crude buddy comedy starring Paul Rudd, here as a socially inept nice guy who goes on a series of ‘man-dates’ in order to find a best man for his wedding.

A frequently hilarious exploration of fraternal love - or ‘bromance’ - that mines a fertile line in masculine ritual satire, this echoes the sweet hormonal hits of Judd Apatow (40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN, KNOCKED UP), elevated by Apatow-pals Rudd and Segal. The duo have a fantastic chemistry as the two platonic lovebirds, matching the chalk ‘n’ cheese camaraderie of comedy-duo Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.


John Hamburg



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United States

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