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Bend it Like Beckham

Comedy, Drama, Romance 1h 52m 2002

Aroview: Adding exotic, gender-twisting charm and two vivacious performances to the underdog-feelgood formula, this girls-just-wanna-play-footy rom-com netted breakout box office success.

Saddled with heavy cultural tradition and “just being a girl”, Jess, the teenage daughter of Indian immigrants, and her free-spirited London pal fight for their right to bend it like England’s favourite footballer, and for the attention of an eligible young soccer coach (Rhys-Meyers). Lighter than its gender opposite, BILLY ELLIOT, but fresher than similar Stateside fare, the fairer sex especially, are more likely to forgive some rather wish-fulfilment plotting that escalates before the full time whistle.


Gurinder Chadha


English, German, Hindi, Punjabi


USA, Germany, United Kingdom

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