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Jeff, Who Lives at Home

1h 23m Comedy, Drama 2011

AroView: Another deep-centred comedy from the Duplass brothers about the crises of two stagnant adult siblings; one a fatalistic slacker who still lives at home with his mother, the other a world-weary realist caught in mid-life slump between his wife and job.

Hand-crafted by one of the most talented partnerships of the last decade, the directing brothers edge closer to the mainstream here and are sure to put smiles on a wider audience, though it pays the price as a little more predictable than usual, the dramatic ending notwithstanding.

“A surprisingly mutable, ultimately poignant day-in-the-life drama about a slacker who genuinely wants to stand tall.” ~Village Voice


Mark Duplass


Jay Duplass



Closed Captions [CC]

English [cc]



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