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Rams (2020) (2020)

Comedy, Drama 1h 59m

AroView: Aussie re-imagining of the hit Icelandic comedy RAMS (2016), with Sam Neill the obvious choice to play a farmer in a decades long war with his estranged brother (Michael Caton) over the prized bloodline of their respective sheep flocks.

Shot on location in remote Southwestern Australia, this a warmer and more personable comedy than the icy original, though it does manage to include some commentary on masculinity and loneliness. The casting takes advantage of the contrasting qualities of both lead actors, and the result is an appealing and consistently amusing slice of rural life.

“A lovely, even-tempered drama about men and rural life, gentle but firm of spirit, with a down-to-earth pith.” ~ The Guardian.


Jeremy Sims







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