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No Hard Feelings

1h 43m Comedy, Romance 2023

AroView: Jennifer Lawrence produces and stars in this sweet-natured sex comedy spiked by more than a few laugh-out-loud moments and at least two scenes you could rightly call “classic”.

She plays a down-at-heel thirty-something hottie who answers an ad posted by a pair of helicopter parents to bring their 19-year-old virgin son “out of his shell”. The job proves to be far more challenging than she thinks, and it’s her frustration and his sincerity that make this consistently amusing, with her performance matched by newcomer Andrew Barth Feldman.

“It’s a pleasure to find a comedy about bought sex that’s pretty funny – and funnier than the pun in the title might suggest.” ~Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

“Much better appreciated as an unlikely friendship story than the raunchy comedy it’s billed as, No Hard Feelings is formulaic but fun, fuelled by the lead pair’s engaging chemistry.” ~Empire


Gene Stupnitsky



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