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In a World...

1h 33m Comedy 2013

AroView: Bright young thing Lake Bell writes, directs and also stars as a wannabe voice artist who attempts to break into the male-dominated industry of movie trailer voiceovers.

This savvy showbiz feminist comedy bears the hallmarks of its creator being very comfortable in her own skin, and her sisterly relationship with Michaela Watkins is especially sympathetic. Reminiscent in tone to the likes of SEINFELD, there’s at least a couple of set pieces here that memorably exploit a similar comic vein of social awkwardness.

Sidenote: The title “In a World” references a clichéd catchphrase featured in Hollywood movie trailers.

“A clever, likable comedy that sends up sexism, satirizes Hollywood, examines family ties and features a surprisingly tender romance at its core.” ~USA TODAY


Lake Bell



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3311 Productions

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