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The Kid Detective

1h 37m Comedy, Mystery 2020

AroView: “The Kid Detective” is not a kids movie, but a blackly comic work of sly genius from Canada that starts off light and sweet but deepens and darkens as it progresses to beguiling effect.

Blending classic film noir and youth comedy conventions, its old-fashioned detective story is serviced by a highly original script and Adam Brody’s pitch-perfect performance as a former child-prodigy who is burned out and disillusioned at the age of 32. Check it oot!

“It’s a thrill to watch a film that so cogently, shrewdly renders its ideas. It’s a case of high concept, adeptly cracked.” ~Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair


Evan Morgan



Closed Captions [CC]

English [cc]




Woods Entertainment (US)

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