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Love is All You Need

1h 51m Comedy, Romance 2012

AroView: Pierce Brosnan and Danish star Trine Dyrholm grace this easy-going mid-life rom-com as a couple who meet en route to a wedding in an old Italian villa. Surrounded by lemon groves, cypress trees and the romance of Italy, their initially frosty relationship unsurprisingly thaws and blossoms into something more. From celebrated Danish director Susanne Bier (In a Better World, After the Wedding).

“While virtually everything that happens in this grown-up rom-com can be seen coming a mile off, director Susanne Bier’s assured touch and warm regard for her characters make the film both pleasurable and satisfying.” ~David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter

“A deceptively light-hearted romp that blends English and Danish with a touch of Italiano, for a lively, likeable view of the complexities of life and love.” ~EMPIRE


Susanne Bier


English, Danish



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